Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Nicest thing

Round 5: 1996-2000
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Vicki and Patrick have invited Alexandra over for a Sunday brunch. They were kind of hoping she would bring her boyfriend with her but he had other things to do and couldn't come.

Little Thomas is thrilled to see his big sister again. He has missed her a lot ever since she went to college. Vicki is just happy to see the whole family together again. She also has exciting news for her kids: she's pregnant!

Vicki and Patrick both enjoy reading. They haven't been on a real date for ages and now that Vicki's pregnant she doesn't feel like leaving home after she comes home from work.

The next day Vicki's worst nightmare comes true. She has a miscarriage and loses the baby she has been wanting for so long.

Patrick tries to console her but she pushes him away. She immediately feels guilty but she just can't stand to be touched at that moment.

At night Vicki seeks comfort in the warmth of Patrick's body. She hopes she hasn't done any permanent damage to their marriage with her rejection.

Vicki puts her energy in her work and gets promoted to International Corporate Lawyer. She feels like maybe it's time to focus on her career and forget her dreams of another baby. She's already 44 and having a child isn't getting any easier.

Donna is a huge hit in the neighborhood. Most of the kids in Wellington don't have any pets so many of Thomas's school friends come over often to play with the dog. Paige Harper is one of his best friends so he doesn't mind sharing his pet with her.

Patrick notices that everything is fleeting - especially hair. It seems that for his 50th birthday he got a bigger forehead.

Patrick convinces Vicki to get fertility treatment. He knows they'll regret it later if they don't try every possible way to get pregnant. Luckily the treatment works quickly: Vicki is pregnant again.

Patrick doesn't have time to worry about his ridiculous work uniform as he's more worried about Vicki. He knows that another miscarriage would break her heart completely.

Vicki doesn't take any chances with this pregnancy. She makes sure to eat healthy food regularly.

She takes relaxing baths in order to keep her stress level in minimum.

And she rests, rests and rests. Even when she doesn't feel like taking a nap, she still lounges on the sofa.

Thomas is very much into sports. He has heard that the basketball team in Worley Academy (the private school) is looking for new players. Thomas wants to get in immediately but Veronica Andrews tells him that it's not very easy to get into the school.

Vicki invites the headmaster over after Thomas tells him about his desire to get into private school. She even stays up long enough to cook a delicious dinner and entertain the headmaster while they eat. The Marlowes' house isn't very big or luxurious but the headmaster seems pretty impressed and Thomas is accepted in.

  • Title from" Nicest thing" by Kate Nash
  • I was devastated about Vicki's miscarriage. She's been wanting another child ever since Thomas was born and now she finally got pregnant (they have been trying pretty actively). I put her on fertility treatment since she was over 40 already. I really hope she'll make it through the pregnancy this time.
  • As always, there's updated information in the sim profiles.


  1. Poor Vicki! Hopefully, everything will go to plan with this little one.

    I hope Patrick didn't feel too rejected by Vicki. I suppose if they managed to conceive again, he can't be too hurt! ;)

  2. Patrick was quite understanding :) I think their relationship scores went down a few points but then Vicki wanted to make out with him and now they're 100% sweethearts again!

  3. It's so sad when they lose a baby. Hopefully everything will go well this time. Lost of rest and good eating, even when she's not really hungry. Good luck!

  4. I hope everything works out this time for Vicki.

    LOL at the headmaster talking about kissing during dinner. ;)

  5. I know, I thought it was very funny when the headmaster talked about kissing. I was wondering whether he was telling Vicki it's not accepted during school hours or assuring Thomas that he could do lots of it in his new school LOL

  6. I'm really glad I don't have the miscarriage hack in my game when I read things like this!

  7. My condolences to Vicki, its tough losing a baby.

    Nyah is the most unique looking little girl I've seen in the game.