Friday, 1 December 2006

Beginner's Guide

I started playing and blogging Wellington back in December 2008 so it can all look a bit overwhelming if you're a first time visitor.

You can start reading anywhere you want. I usually connect each household's updates with links to the next and last update so you can follow your favorite family through time. I also link to things that have happened in the past so you'll get an idea what incident I'm writing about. If you want to start on a specific round, you can find a tag in the sidebar for each round.

If you want to start reading from the beginning, this is the place to start. Everything before that is either a sim profile or an information post which is linked in the sidebar.

The sim profiles hold important information of each sim but may contain spoilers if you're reading from the start. I don't know a way to work around it so just consider yourself to have been warned.

Feel free to leave comments anywhere, even in the older posts. I love hearing readers' thoughts about my sims :)


  1. So I have read all of your posts and I am absolutely in LOVE with Wellington and everything you've done. I have so many questions for you! Is here a good place to ask them or is there an easier way?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, your comment really made my day. I'm very impressed that you've read everything from the beginning!

      You can ask your questions here, via twitter ( or via email: cissiemae @ (remove the spaces around @).

    2. My biggest question would have to be how you made your custom townies. That has to be one of the coolest things EVER! I'm hoping to start a blog about my hood but once I saw your custom townies I knew I wanted to have my own! I'm totally drawing a blank about my other questions, but once I remember them I'll definitely let you know :) Thank you!

    3. I started off Wellington using empty templates so I didn't have any sims when I started. Since you already have a hood I'm not going to bother talking about them.

      I created my townies in BodyShop and CAS and then moved them on an empty lot. Then I just turned them into townies using the teleporter cat from Simlogical. You can find it here:

      You need the notownieregen mod from MATY to prevent the game from generating new townies. You can find the directory here:

      Just pick the folder with your latest ep (if you have AL then that's the one) and download the mod.

      Feel free to ask more questions if you want. :)

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    1. Hi! Did you mean how do you create your own hood or something else?