Friday, 3 November 2006

Hacks, programs and other tools

I have a ridiculous amount of hacks in my game so I'm only listing ones that really make a difference. I'm also listing other tools that make simming and blogging a lot easier for me.

THE Hacks

ACR 2.0 - this hack pretty much runs the romantic life of my sims

Antiredundancy, nodormieregen, nossrespawn, nostrayrespawn and notownieregen - essential if you want to create a hood with empty templates, stops the game from generating unnecessary NPCs.

Cyjon's Loan Jar - I use this for loans since I like that it lets you set the interest rate

Insimenator - very useful! I've only started using InSim quite recently but already I couldn't play without it.

Inteenimator - enables teen pregnancy and also has a good birth control system

Monique's computer, updated for AL by Chaavik - I handle almost all finances in Wellington with this wonderful computer, a must-have for hoods that have some sort of economical system

Other hacks I use
Age group tweak
Apartment hack
College Adjuster
Community lot skilling
Days left shrub
Expanded and reduced LTW
Harder jobs
Inge Jones' playable school - community lot school tutorial by Carla here
Male bodyhair overlays - fixed version here
Monique's child support
No 20k handouts
Phone hack
Real sickness - make sure to download the mod in this post, not the first post of the thread
Summer vacation
Visitor Controller

Programs and other tools

SimPE - how did we simmers ever survive before this program was created? LOL
SimCamera - the good ol' picture-taking program which I still use to take all my screencaps
FlashNote - a very handy program which I use to track down everything that happens in Wellington
RandomStuff by Hook - wonderful little program that I use nowadays instead of rolling a dice for everything, ie. ROS, baby naming, aspirations etc. - an online dictionary which I use frequently when I'm writing the blog updates (since English is not my first language)

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