Sunday, 17 January 2010


Round 11: Spring 2015
Danny's last update / Charlie and Janie's last update/next update

Charlie and Janie Greene are 21 and Danny Cooper is 19.
Brooke is 23 and Dixie is 21.)

Danny starts college by flirting with the first cute girl he sees. Kelsie Jones isn't very interested and the feeling is quite mutual but Danny just wants to show Janie that there are other fish in the sea even if she doesn't want him.

Luckily for Danny his rival Greg Newman flunked out of college last year so at least he's not stuck living under the same roof with his arch enemy.

Charlie has gotten a sudden urge to study. He's been pretty much slacking off for two years but he thinks maybe it's time to make a little effort.

Janie enjoys spending time with her sister. She suspects that they'll be seeing a lot more of Dixie next year now that Tom has moved back to Wellington.

Charlie takes Brooke out on a date. He has put some money aside so they have dinner at Joie Délicieuse. It's all very romantic and luxurious.

After the dinner Charlie decides to sample the free wine and champagne in the restaurant but Brooke doesn't approve that at all.

"Wasn't it enough that you threw up on the floor at Tom's graduation party?! Why do you always have to act like such a baby!" she shouts and storms out of the restaurant.

Charlie is confused. He's not a drunk! He didn't even drink that much at the party and at the restaurant other people were toasting so he just joined them.

"Women", he sighs and decides he doesn't want to call it a night yet.

Charlie doesn't let the fight shoot his spirits down so he heads off to Twilight Zone and gives a killer karaoke performance.

He ends the night at the bubble blower. He'll give Brooke a few days to cool down and then he'll call her and patch things up.

Danny and Janie have become practically inseparable. Danny has put his bitterness behind him. After all, they never said they'd be exclusive so technically Janie didn't cheat on him.

Danny pops the question one evening when they're lying together in his bed.

"What do you say about going steady?" he says and immediately gets a passionate kiss from Janie.

"Nothing would make me happier", she says with a huge smile on her face.

Charlie calls Brooke after a couple of days and she tells him to come over so they can talk. When Charlie arrives at the Harper Mansion in Exmoor he learns that Brooke is still pretty pissed off.

"It's over, Charlie", she says. "I'm tired of being the only grown-up in this relationship. You never take anything seriously!"

Charlie begs and pleads but Brooke won't reconsider his decision.

"Call me in a few years if you grow up and start acting like an adult" she says and walks into the house.

Charlie can't believe this! He and Brooke have been together for years and now she just calmly says it's all over. He breaks down and starts crying.

Charlie is feeling blue and it doesn't help that he still keeps throwing up almost constantly. He has lost his appetite completely and Janie is starting to get really worried.

"I'm fine, sis", he just says. "I guess I'm just feeling a bit sick because of the break-up."

One night he wakes up with his stomach aching so badly that he can barely stand up. He finally lets Danny call his sister-in-law Grace in the morning. Grace is a GP at the free clinic in Wellington and she promises to come over right away.

Grace examines Charlie and takes some blood samples. She tells him to take plenty of fluids and stay in bed for a few days.

"Don't stress yourself about anything - if that's possible for a college student", she says.

Janie wants to know what's wrong with her brother.

"He apparently has food poisoning, it's probably been going on for some time now. I gave him some medicines and he should be back to his old self in a few days", Grace says and tells Janie to call her immediately if Charlie doesn't get better.

Grace's diagnosis is obviously correct since Charlie starts feeling a lot better in no time. Janie is very relieved. She had already started to worry that Charlie had some serious illness. Food poisoning isn't exactly a walk in the park but at least he's getting better now.

Charlie A+ and A+, GPA 3.4
Janie C+ and C+, GPA 3.3
Danny A- and B, GPA 3.4

  • Title from "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down
  • Two ROS-related events in one update! Danny was the one who got a Viagra overdose so he flirted with dormie Kelsie Jones for 8 times. They only have one bolt for each other and neither of them seemed very interested. Danny actually gave me the "do I really have to do this" face half the time I made him flirt with her! Brooke was the one who rolled Dumping! which made me kind of sad. I had originally planned to wait until the Harper update but it fit nicely into this one.
  • Danny and Janie are now going steady. I thought it was about time for them to stop acting like children and just get together for real. I think they make a lovely couple.
  • I have no idea where Charlie got his food poisoning but he suffered from it through the whole play session. He finally got better right before I exited the lot.
  • BTW, I changed Charlie's aspiration to Popularity. The pleasure sims just seem so adolescent to me and I felt that getting a new goal in his life would be his way of handling the break-up.


  1. I love that you let him chose a new aspiration after the break-up, I might have to consider that after big life changes for my simmies. I agree that pleasure does seem juvenile. Jorge Dawson is a pleasure sim-now that he's a father of five, it doesn't suit him as much to be jumping on the couch all day long. However, they are pretty easy to keep happy.

  2. Changing his aspiration after a break-up was a good idea! I've only done that once (with Caleb) but it was years after the break-up, so I'm not sure it counts!

    Glad Danny and Janie are together now! They've got quite the history, don't they? Janie looks so cool, by the way.

  3. Thanks for reading :)

    Apple Valley, it's true that pleasure sims are pretty easy to keep happy but most of their wants really are childish! I've changed the aspiration for a few sims after big life changes, I think it makes sense.

    Carla, oh boy, Janie and Danny have a very colorful history. But they made it clear to me that they want to be together by woohooing several times a day and being all lovey-dovey!

    I like Janie's style. Her old hairstyle made her look a bit too "vampy" (is that a word) but I think this new one suits her much better.

  4. Aw sad day for Charlie and Brook. Too bad. :(

    Glad he's getting better from the food poisoning, I was fearing the worst from the photos.

    Janie and Danny make sense as a couple, and I like your idea of changing aspirations for break ups. Makes sense. I usually add a secondary aspiration to my pleasure sims to make them more mature in their wants.

  5. I was getting very worried about Charlie because he didn't seem to get better. Luckily he recovered.

    I was sad about breaking up Brooke and Charlie. I do plan to get them together though!

  6. I find that pleasure sims are very flighty. Once you fulfill a want, they want something else. Nonetheless, they are easiest to please aspiration-wise (no pun intended).