Monday, 13 September 2010

Happy Birthday, Summer 2019

Alexa Harper is thrilled to see her twin sister again. And Brooke is thrilled to hear that she'll become an aunt for the third time in the winter.

Janie and Danny are getting ready for baby #2.

Janie's mother Bobbie lives nearby and comes over almost every day to spend time with her granddaughter and make sure that Janie gets enough rest.

  • Pregnancy scanner says that Alexa is pregnant with one baby but I think she and Will both have the twin benefit so who knows!


  1. Wow, the two women look alike. Are the Harpers and Greenes related somehow?

  2. So exciting! If I'm going to get twin benefit twins, the pregnancy scanner usually tells me so by the second trimester. But I know others have had different experiences, which always makes me panic slightly, lol.

    I thought Janie was further along for some reason and I thought this would be a birth announcement! I'll have to wait a little while longer. :)

  3. Apple Valley, Harpers and Greenes aren't related. They don't actually look so much alike but I guess it's the same facial expressions in those pictures that make them look alike.

    Carla, I never remember when the twin benefit kicks in. I'm hoping that it's second trimester in my game as well which would mean that Alexa and Will are really having just one baby.

    The baby's due in the Fall. Maybe you were thrown off by their household update in the spring. :) I'll try to get to the fall this week because next week I won't be able to play much.

  4. I'm sorry for the delayed response, but RL is kind of hectic at the moment!

    Alexa and Brooke look so different for being twins, I'm sorry that I only noticed it now. But in their lifes they are at completely different points too.

    I'm excited to see those new babies!

  5. Tanja, not delayed at all :) I've been pretty busy and stressed with RL too so I understand.

    Alexa looks like their mother and Brooke looks like their father so they don't look very much alike. I like having twins that are so different in so many ways.

    I'm excited to see the babies too. I hope to be able to play during weekend.

  6. I'm playing catch up like Tanja too. Sometimes I like that I get busy, so I can come over here and to Sullivan, and have lots to read with my coffee. ;)

    Ditto Carla with the the twin benefit showing up in the second trimester. I've only had a "surprise" twin pregnancy when a sim probably consumed cheesecake.

    Glad you got your game fixed, I can't wait to see Janie's baby!

  7. Maisie, I'm playing catch up with all blogs. I haven't had time to read anything for some time so I'm really behind in everything.

    I'm going to trust you guys and believe that it's going to be just one baby *sigh of relief* :D

    My computer seems to be working fine now. I have a couple of updates before the fall birthdays so hopefully I'll get to that in a few days.