Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Birthday, Spring 2020

Dawn Whitfield is trying to be like any teenaged girl but it's getting harder now that her pregnancy is starting to show. She's on her second trimester now and is slowly accepting the fact that her life is changing dramatically.

Being with her boyfriend feels a bit weird right now so Dawn prefers the company of her cousin and best friend Lilly.

Patsy and Camryn Greene are over the moon with joy having just found out that Patsy's artificial insemination was successful and she's pregnant. The pregnancy is still in the very early stages so they keep the news to themselves for now.

  • Camryn and Patsy's baby is due in Winter 2021 so it really is in the early stages. I got her pregnant using the "Have Random with..." feature in InSim. The father is a blonde townie.


  1. Dawn must be having a difficult time, thinking about trying to fit in with her peers, keeping up with school and preparing for her baby.

    Yay! for Patsy and Camryn, of course!

    If you don't mind me asking, what country do you live in, because I'm always on around the same time as you, lol! Like I picked this post up a few minutes after it was published.

  2. also Sari how did you do your tags so cool?

  3. Fitting in when your 16 can be trikcy, but fitting in at 16 and pregnant must be hard! It's good she has her best friend around, but she should try to involve Finn a little bit more and try to spend time with him, or it might break them up.

    I'm really excited about Patsy's pregnancy!

    Btw, do you still have the crashingproblem, or did you fix it?

  4. Shake, it can't be easy for Dawn but she just has to deal with it now.

    I'm really happy that Patsy and Camryn are finally going to have another child :)

    As K said, I live in Finland. I guess you're from UK? We're two hours ahead here.

    K, do you mean the tags in the sidebar? It's a feature on Blogger, you can choose different styles for the tags.

    Tanja, I agree that Dawn should try to spend time with Finn even though they are a bit awkward around each other now.

    I'm really excited about Patsy's pregnancy too! I can't wait to see what they'll have.

    I seem to have fixed the crashing problem, yay. Moving the collection files out of the Downloads folder helped a lot and I also "outdated" my video card driver. I installed a very old version and it seems to have helped with the rebooting.

  5. You know, I think I'm blaming the name Finn on the teen pregnancy. Mine was a teen father, Carla's, and now yours. Seems proven to me. ;)

    I'm glad the pregnancy is going well for Dawn, and yay for Patsy. Funny on a random townie being the father, but I really like the idea behind that.

    I hope the awkwardness wears off between Finn and Dawn, it's not easy news for ether of them.

    Mind if I ask where you got Dawn's shirt? It's adorable!

  6. Maisie, you're right about the name Finn! May this be a warning for all future simmers ;)

    I chose a blonde guy to be the father of Patsy's baby so that the coloring is similar to Camryn. He's just a unknown donor and will have nothing to do with the baby. The "Have Random with..." means that they can have a singleton or twins.

    I hope so too, I think they're a nice couple but they have to get through this somehow.

    Dawn's shirt is actually an outfit from InSim, you can find it here:,104402.0.html

  7. Man, Cameron is making friends all over the place. LOL So now she doesn't feel as alone being a teen mom.

    It can be hard just being a teen, and now Dawn has to deal with this as well. Hopefully she and the baby's daddy will be able to go through all of this together.

  8. Hey Sari I was wondering how you change the font size on the gadgets (aka the actual tags and such)?

  9. LOL, I was going to say the same thing as Maisie about the name Finn (though my Finn was 20 by the time Declan was born).

    I hope Dawn starts feeling a little less awkward around Finn, especially if she decides she wants to raise the baby. It'll be just that little bit easier if Finn feels welcome. The last thing she wants to do is drive him away right now.

    And yay for Patsy and Camryn! Did you have any sort of system where there was a possibility that the insemination would fail? InSim is always successful, as far as I know, and I'm thinking of thinking up some kind of dice roll system when this time comes for Joanna and Rose. I was wondering if you'd worked out anything I could steal. ;)

  10. Riverdale, that's good for Cameron. Dawn has friends but she's been mostly hanging out with Lilly lately.

    I really hope Dawn and Finn can work through this. It would be so much easier for them both if they're together.

    K, I didn't change the font size this time so I don't really remember how to do it. Also, my control panel is in Finnish so I don't know what's everything called in English.

    Carla, I hadn't even thought about it before Maisie mentioned it. Oh, your Finn totally counts even though he was already 20, lol!

    I think Dawn is feeling a bit uneased about her body and also she's feeling quite vulnerable so she wants to keep a distance. Which isn't good for either of them. I hope they stick together.

    I don't have a system yet but for the next time (whoever it will be) I'm going to need one. I'm thinking of a dice roll system that somehow depends on the mother-to-be's age. I'll let you know if I figure out something :)

  11. Thank you for the link!

    For Insim and fail possibilities, you could easily take their ACR fertility percentage, and use a 100 die roll. If they roll below, they are pregnant, if it doesn't, then they get to try again.

    I just use the dnd dice online -

  12. Maisie, that's a good idea. Thanks :)