Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Times like these

Round 14: Spring 2022
Zach's last update/last update/next update

Kaitlyn Brennan, Stephen Marlowe and Eve Midlock are 21 and Zach Whitfield is 18.
(Nicholas is 22.)

Narrated by Eve Midlock.

I've been talking Stephen and Kaitlyn's ears off about my so-called engagement to Nicholas. We're still engaged because I've been avoiding him as much as I can. I just don't know how to handle this.

Kaitlyn finally told me to pull myself together and just tell him. I know she's right but I'm just dreading the conversation so much that I keep putting it off.

I finally built up the courage and called him. We agreed to meet at the Four Leaf Clover in Exmoor. I figured that a neutral place would be better so either of us could leave as soon as we wanted to.

Nicholas seemed really happy to see me and it just made me feel worse. Don't get me wrong, I like him but I'm too young to settle down. And in my books proposing to someone when you're totally wasted isn't the best start to a relationship.

He obviously assumed that we would be living together next year after I graduate. I suggested that we should eat our dinner and talk afterwards.

We went upstairs to the game room and since there was nobody else around I decided that it was time to tell him.

"Nicholas, you're a really great guy but let's face it. We only got engaged because I got really drunk and I just don't see this thing going anywhere. I'm too young to settle down" I said.

He got up from the sofa and started walking around the room. I got up too and went after him. He looked so sad and asked if I was really sure about this. I just nodded. I didn't know what else I could say.

Then he started crying and although I felt really bad for him I also felt quite relieved. It was over. I was finally free!

I think it would be good for me to stay away from dating for a while and just focus on my studies for the rest of the year. Zach's not making my decision very easy though. He's really cute and I think he's a bit interested as well. But I think it would a bit weird to date him since he's part of newly found family. I know we're not related but he is my stepmother's brother.

He seems to have an army of girls around him anyway. I've seen him with this one girl who lives in our dorm and they seem pretty close.

But then again she's quite popular with the boys so I don't think it's anything serious. Rianna mentioned that he broke up with his girlfriend last year so he's probably not looking for a serious relationship anyway.

He's certainly created a lot of drama in the dorm in the few months he's lived here. He doesn't seem to mind Astrid's flirty nature but some of the other guys don't take it so well. One of them actually lashed out on him in the cafeteria the other day. Zach just sort of laughed it off.

I think I wouldn't believe that love even exists if it wasn't for Kaitlyn and Stephen. They just seem so right for each other.

We're all getting a bit panicky because it's our last year in college. Zach has tried to convince us that we should either throw a party or go out but we keep telling him we need to study. The idea of another party freaks me out, considering how the last one ended.

Kaitlyn's got her nose buried in books all the time. I don't even understand the titles of her books but she seems to enjoy reading them.

Luckily our hard work paid off and we all got A+ this semester. Except for Zach who just seems to rely on his charms to get good grades. He hasn't even picked a major yet.

After my final exam I tried to call Nicholas but he didn't want to talk, at least not yet. I'd hate to lose his friendship but I guess I just have to give him some time. He did say that he understood my point of view so maybe someday we'll be able to be friends again.

Grades, spring 2022:
- Kaitlyn, biology/general microbiology: A+, GPA 3.1
- Stephen, psychology/forensic psychology: A+, GPA 3.8
- Eve, drama/modern dance: A+, GPA 3.5
- Zach, undeclared: B+, GPA 3.3

  • Title reference: Times like these by Foo Fighters
  • Eve hardly rolled any wants for Nicholas and even if she did they weren't romantic. So they broke up. I really didn't saw the engagement leading into a marriage anyway because it never would've happened without beer!
  • I waited for Zach to roll a want for major but since he didn't I'll choose something for him the next semester. He's gonna study either Biology, Mathematics or Physics because I plan to make him go to medical school after graduating from college.


  1. Awwww I do feel a little bad for Nicholas, although yea he should have seen it coming lol. Inebriated proposals rarely lead to walking down an aisle :). I have a feeling Astrid is leaving quite a few broken hearts in her wake lol

  2. Aww, it's sad that she had to break up with Nicholas, but it was expected seeing how Eve felt about it. I hope they can maintain a good friendship, and who knows what the future might bring them.
    Astrid seems to be bringing some action to the dorm :)

  3. OMG! Don't you just love those drunk "let's get married?" actions! That happened with Nora and Mary. Nora asked Mary to marry her, of course she said no. LOL

    I'm glad that Eve took the bull by the horns and told him the truth instead of continued leading him on. I'm sure they will both find that right someone when the time is right.

  4. That must have been a hard decision for Eve but I think it was the right one. Better to break it off now than to go through with it and regret it. I don't think that drunken proposal was the best way to start of married life anyway. ;)

    So cute that Kaitlyn and Stephen are still so in love! They're like an example of how it should be to all their dorm-mates. ;)

    I know I'm always asking you for WCIFs but do you remember where you got Stephen's outfit?

  5. Mizzgin03, I feel bad for Nicholas too but it was never gonna last. They weren't even a couple before they got engaged.

    I think that Astrid is a Romance sim so it makes sense that she behaves like that. Zach is Romance too so he doesn't mind but the dormie guy really got upset, lol.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Tanja, it just didn't feel right to Eve. They might have had a chance if they had been dating before they got engaged but it was always very casual with them. I hope they can be friends again someday.

    Astrid certainly brings drama and action. I think I've seen her flirt with at least two other guys besides Zach and that dormie.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Riverdale Blogs, oh yes! I was so shocked when Eve proposed because I had no idea sims could do that when they're drunk!

    Eve lead Nicholas on long enough. She really should've said right away that it's not going to happen but I guess it's not that easy to do. I'm sure they'll both end up with someone they really care for in the end.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Carla, it wasn't easy for Eve because she kind of likes Nicholas, just not enough to go on with the engagement. It definitely was the right decision for both of them.

    Kaitlyn and Stephen are so cute. I honestly didn't think they'd last this long, I just wanted him to have a "temporary" girlfriend but I don't have the heart to break them up now :)

    Stephen's outfit is actually separate top and bottom. The jeans are from Under-Your-Skin (so you probably have them already):

    The hoodie (which I love <3) is by needlecream. I'm not sure which post has that specific recolor so I'm linking both: (the original post)

    and (new textures)

    Thanks for reading. :)

  6. Awesome, thank you for all the links! I love that hoodie too, lol.

  7. Aw, I'm kind of sad. I liked Nicholas, kind of. But I knew it wasn't going to last, as least not now. I hope they can stay friends too.

    Kaitlyn and Stephen are adorable. Just looking at them makes me feel fuzzy.

    I'm not expecting Zach to settle down for a while yet, especially if he's messing with girls like that Astrid!


  8. Nicholas seems like a nice guy but it's the right thing to do. Imagine if they did get married and this came up about how and why they were engaged. Yikes! That would be awkward.

    I wonder if anything might sprout between Eve and Zach. I hope she can continue to focus on her studies, though.

  9. It sounds like Eve made the right decision to break up with Nicholas. A drunken engagement is definitely not the way to start things off! A break from dating might be just the thing she needs right now. Very entertaining update!

  10. Fini, I like Nicholas too but we probably won't be seeing much of him unless he hooks up with a playable.

    Kaitlyn and Stephen have become one of my favorite couples. They're always acting all lovey-dovey up to the point where I have to cancel actions because they do need to study sometimes too!

    I don't think Zach's ready for settling down and definitely not with someone like Astrid.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Choco, I agree that it was the right thing to do. Eve should've broke the engagement up sooner but it's not such an easy thing to do.

    Only time will tell if anything happens between Eve and Zach. Right now they're not even friends yet. I hope she focuses on her studies and graduates with a good grade.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    fortuneshores, it was definitely the right decision for both Eve and Nicholas. I think Eve really needs a break from dating... or at least she needs to stop proposing to guys when she's drunk, lol.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  11. Aww Nicolas needs a hug. I really felt for him in those beginning scenes.

    I really can't picture the guy that will make comfortable with the idea of settling down.

  12. heredoncove, Nicholas definitely needs a hug. For some reason he just didn't see the engagement as it was: a foolish drunken mistake.

    I don't see Eve settling down for a long time with anyone. I think the whole experience with Nicholas has sort of scared her off dating for a while.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  13. Ugh, I thought I commented before. Let's see, I'm shocked and a bit sad at Nicholas's reaction to the engagement, but really what did he expect?

  14. Apple Valley, that happens to me all the time, I think I've commented on something when I haven't!

    Nicholas took Eve's proposal a bit too seriously. Hopefully they can be friends again at some point but I don't really see them getting back together.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  15. LOL I feel sorry for Nicholas. What kind of engagement did he think they had where they don't talk to each other? :b I really need to try out that beer. I've only tested it in my test hood.

    Stephan and Kaitlyn are adorable and I really like Eve's look.

  16. Danielle, I think Nicholas went really over his head into this "engagement". He should've realized that it's not a real thing but I guess he just wanted Eve so badly that he didn't really care. You should definitely try out the beer, it adds real twist to the game.

    I love Stephen and Kaitlyn. I think she might become a real playable after they graduate because I like her so much! Eve's one of my favorite sims style-wise, she's kind of a rebel.

    Thanks for reading. :)