Saturday, 1 October 2011

Happy Birthday, Summer 2022

Two cousins are celebrating their first birthday this summer.

Tate Cooper...

... and Molly Greene-Cooper.

  • I think they're both adorable. Tate mostly got his looks from Ben although I'm not sure about his eyes. I love the fact that he looks different from his brothers. I think he looks a lot like Lucas.
  • Molly has Janie's eyes and mouth and Danny's nose which is pretty much what I was hoping for.
  • I love the different shades in Pookleted hairs! For example Molly's hair color is red but I'm using Comburent for her since she could have ended up with a blonde hair as well like her big sister Bridget.


  1. I love the Pookleted colours for the same reason. If Maia and Ethan have a redheaded baby, he/she will probably use Comburent as well.

    Anyway, Molly and Tate are so cute! Tate especially - I love his little mouth.

  2. Carla, the only downside is that some of the older pookleted hairs don't have all the shades. But it would be relatively easy to recolor those since there's already an existing base.

    Tate's mouth is so cute. Molly's mouth on the other hand looks really big on a toddler but she'll grown into it.

  3. Such cute toddlers! I love Tate's little mouth! It's looks so cute on him :)

    I really should use the different shades much more than I do right now, for the same reason you've mentioned just now :)

  4. Tanja, I love these kids especially since they look so different than their older siblings. I'm always excited to see variations in the gene pool.

    I haven't used the different shades a lot before either but I have a few ideas how to use them from now on.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  5. They are so cute! I want to take them both home.

    That's a good way to use all the Pooklet hair colors. When I started switching over, I only picked 2 of each color to keep the number of files down (and because I didn't care for some of the other shades) but now I'm wishing I didn't. That shade of red looks so cute on Molly.