Monday, 30 January 2012

Corner of the Earth

Round 14: Autumn 2022
last update + wedding update/next update

Tom Patterson is 29 and Dixie is 28.
(Bobbie is 71 and Janie is 28.)

Narrated by Tom Patterson

We're getting ready to sell our house in Allerdale and buy a new and bigger one. We decided to get rid of all our old furniture in a yard sale and start fresh.

Dixie has really surprised me with her sales skills. She always seems to know when to leave the customer alone and when to push them a bit to make a sale.

We ended up eating our last few meals in this house standing up in the kitchen because by that time we had sold our dining table and chairs.

We wanted to finish one more car before making an offer on the new house and it paid off. A race driver bought it and paid really well. We didn't even have to take a mortgage to pay for the house!

The new house is in Exmoor. We fell in love with it the moment we walked in. It's a bit too big for us but we just couldn't imagine living anywhere else. And the move couldn't have come in a better time because we just found that Dixie's pregnant!

It's still very early so we haven't told anyone yet. Dixie wants to keep it to ourselves until she's passed that 12 week mark.

She hasn't experienced any nausea. She's just really hungry all the time. She usually ends up standing in front of the fridge and stuffing her face. She's also more tired than usual but otherwise she's been feeling well.

We both feel so excited about this new chapter in our lives. A new home and a baby.

I'm mostly doing night shifts at work so Dixie's alone in the evenings. Bobbie and Janie work in the same building and they often drop by after work.

Janie teases us about our house being bigger than theirs. "You'll have to start filling all these rooms with kids now!" she keeps saying. I know it's hard for Dixie not to tell Janie about the baby but so far she has kept quiet.

Dixie told me later that Bobbie surprised the girls by telling them that she's been thinking about retirement lately. She's been working hard all her life and now she finally feels ready to slow down. She wants to enjoy her grandchildren when she's still well enough to play with them. She hasn't made up her mind up yet so she might still back out of it though.

I got some news as well. I was promoted! It's quite unusual to be made a Detective so young but apparently the boss thinks I'm cut for it. This means I'll be working in more sensible hours.

As much as I loved living in Allerdale, I love living in Exmoor a lot more. There's so much going on in the city and there are so many options if we want to go out, movies, parks, diners and restaurants.

Tom's Diner is our favorite, partly because we've been eating there for years now. The food is nothing fancy but it's always good and there's always a nice atmosphere.

On the other hand it's just as nice to spend time at home. Just sitting in our living room reading a book. Dixie watches tv and at some point I notice that she's fallen asleep. Then I just sit there for a while watching her sleep before I wake her up and we head upstairs to our bedroom.

  • Title reference: Corner of the Earth by Jamiroquai.
  • I hope year 2012 has started well for you all. I took an impromptu break from simming but now I'm back. This is the final update for Round 14. The summary will be up also today and then I'll get ready for Round 15.
  • Dixie and Tom's baby is due in August 2023. In case you're curious about the house, it's another remake of one of the Maxis townhouses. I promise I'll post tours at some point but I want to get some "real" updates done first.


  1. Squee! When I started reading this, I was hoping Dixie would be pregnant. She and Tom will be great parents. I'm glad they don't have to worry about a mortgage on top of a baby!

    Funny you wrote that thing in about Tom being a very young detective! Ethan is 31 and is also a detective and I just put that job stopinator in his inventory to stop him being promoted again. I can buy a 31-year-old detective but not a lieutenant. ;)

    I love their living room so, so much, by the way. I'm looking forward to the tours!

    1. Carla, I've been wanting to get these two pregnant for a long time. I think the time is really right for them now.

      I remembered you had a young detective too, just couldn't remember who it was. I won't let Tom get promoted for a long time either.

      I'm glad you like the living room. I plan to add personalized pics once I get them done but so far I'm happy with how the house is coming along.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Yay! Another baby, so exciting! The yard sale looked great and no mortgage! That's amazing! I love their new home, you always have the best wallpapers in your homes.

    1. Apple Valley, I'm excited about this baby too. I have two impending births for Round 15 already so we have something to wait for.

      I've had the idea of a yard sale for a long time and Tom and Dixie were the perfect couple to have one.

      I'm glad you like the house. I'm very happy with the wallpapers that I've found. I have a few sites that I check out every now and then. If you want to know where I got some specific one then don't hesitate to ask! I can at least try to check if I know where I got it.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  3. It's nice they were able to buy a house without having to worry about a mortgage, especially when they are expecting a baby.
    And YAY about the baby, as always I'm very excited to meet this little one, and can't wait to find out what they are having!

    Congratulations on Tom's promotion!

    1. Fixing up all those cars really helped them and also having the yard sale added a little to their funds. They're probably the only young couple in my game who have been able to buy a house or rent a bigger apartment without taking a loan.

      It's always so exciting to wait for a birth and now I have two babies that will be born next year! I can't wait either ;)

      Thanks for reading. :)