Monday, 23 February 2015


Round 16: September 2025

Zach Whitfield is 21 and Josh Cooper is 20.
(Ryland and Jackie are 74.)

Narrated by Zach.

I think Josh's actions have really come to bite him in the ass this semester. He's obviously lost interest in Madison but her boyfriend (ex or current, I can't even tell anymore) Elliot can't seem to let go. He's acting like everything that happened was Josh's fault even though everyone knows it was Madison who made the first move.

To make matters worse they are roommates so it's pretty much impossible for Josh to avoid Elliot completely.

It's obvious Elliot can't stand Josh in his sight and is always looking for excuses to accidentally bump into him or something. The whole thing evolved into a shoving match one night. I could tell Josh was trying to keep his cool but Elliot just kept shoving him.

Finally he snapped. I was sure that he would beat Elliot up but he managed to control himself at the last minute. He told the guy that if the insults and the shoving don't stop then Josh will report him to the Dean. I think that did the trick because it's been rather peaceful around ever since.

Josh is pretty desperate to get out of this dorm - or at least get a new roommate. Unfortunately he has to stay put for this semester because there are no vacancies in other dorms. He'll move to a different dorm next year anyway because this dorm will be shut down due to the condition of the elevators.

I didn't really like Josh after what happened with Lilly but since we're the only sane people in this dorm - or at least that's how it feels most of time - we've ended up hanging out. He's not so bad once you get to know him. We have our whole lives to act like grown-ups so I guess it's ok to be a bit messed up while you're still in college.

It's my last semester in college so I basically have zero time to goof around though. I want to do well in my final exam and I also have the entrance examination for medical school waiting for me at the end of this semester. I spend every possible hour at the faculty.

We've gotten some lectures from Dr Sandra Williams this semester and I guess it says a lot that I didn't even notice that she's cute until one of my fellow students pointed it out. The only thing I wanted to do to her was to pick her brain about the entrance exam. I'm trying to be confident about it but I'm actually really nervous.

I just don't have time to go to the dorm to eat a proper meal so I've been living off the snacks from the vending machines. It's not exactly a healthy diet but that's just how it goes now.

I've been visiting mom and dad very rarely nowadays and they finally gave me an ultimatum to go see them or they'd come get me. Dad scooped me up for a hug the moment I stepped inside and didn't let go for at least two minutes. He then looked at me and said that I'm too skinny and look too tired.

Mom ushered me straight to the dining table and practically shoved a home made burger in my mouth.

"Your father's right. You look like you've been skipping meals a lot lately" she said. After that they had a whole conversation where I was referred to as the boy... you know, the boy works too hard, the boy should take things easy, the boy doesn't get enough rest blah blah blah. I guess it's a nice change to when they thought I was just slacking off but I wish they'd get off my back.

I told them that it'll get easier once I graduate even though it really won't if I get into medical school. Mom noticed I was getting annoyed because she stopped talking and just patted my hand. Dad said they're just worried about me but also really proud that I'm willing to work so hard to achieve my dreams. That made me feel a lot better. They also said they'd definitely help me with the medical school tuitions.

Before I knew it I was sitting in the entrance examination. The written part is just the beginning because obviously we'll have psychic evaluations and other stuff to complete but I felt like the test went really well.

After the entrance exam all my other finals seemed like a piece of cake. And that's it. I'm officially done with everything to do with my bachelor's degree.

Josh dragged me out to a club to celebrate. He said he can't let his only single friend turn into a hermit. The club was pretty dead when we got there but people started coming around after a while.

Hazel happened to come by too. I'm still not ready for a commitment or anything but I really like hanging out with her. I don't know if this will go anywhere especially since I'll be moving away from Brixton but there's nothing wrong in enjoying each other's company while we still can.

Josh didn't seem to mind that I invited Hazel to join us for a late snack at Betty's Diner after we got back to Brixton. I guess it's because we don't act all lovey dovey so we're tolerable to other people.

Grades, autumn semester 2025:
- Zach: pre-medicine (physics), A+, GPA 3.7
- Josh: photography (art), A+, GPA 3.7

  • Title reference: Wolves by Denai Moore.
  • Zach's last university update! The boy is all grown-up. You'll see the adult Zach in the January 2026 birthdays.
  • Zach was pretty much a Knowledge sim this session (it's his secondary aspiration). All he wanted to do was get skill points and study. The only want from his Romance side was to go on a date with Hazel which I took as a sign that he might want her to be his real girlfriend - or maybe I just read too much into any Hazel related want because I just think she's so darn cute LOL!
  • Josh's situation is really quite inbearable. He and that Elliot guy got into two fights (both initiated by Elliot, both won by Josh) during the first 10 minutes I was playing the household. I've come to hate the dorm so Josh will definitely move and hopefully he'll get a different roommate (or a single room) for his senior year.


  1. Yea he needs a new living situation. Also when does zach find out about medical school?

    1. Oh yes, Josh definitely needs a new place to live. I haven't decided what to do with him next year but as I said, I hate this dorm and it has to go, lol.

      Zach will find out about medical school some time before graduation so you'll see if he got accepted in the January birthdays.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. Hazel is pretty adorable, I agree. I'd be trying to work her in any way I could as well!

    Elliot sounds like he needs to move on yesterday! I'm sure a new living situation will help Elliot as much as it'll help Josh. ;)

    How did you decide whether Zach would get into med school? Was it just based on his GPA or was there other criteria?

    1. My slight obsession with Hazel is funny because I kind of have other plans for Zach for the end game. But I guess I'll let him decide.

      Yeah, Elliot needs to move on and he also probably needs some therapy. I might ban him from the new dorm because with my luck he'd probably be the first dormie to arrive, lol.

      I'm going to base the acceptance to postgraduate studies on the GPA. I haven't set the limits yet but I'm thinking that sims with a high GPA get in immediately after graduation and then I'll roll the dice for sims with lower GPAs with a 50/50 chance. I haven't really figured it all out yet. I just like the idea that not everyone (especially with lower grades) would just be accepted in without a doubt.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Yikes, Elliot is out of line! I would move out of that dorm asap or have him booted.

    Hazel is really cute, I'm curious what your end game plan is, and if you will win out or if Hazel will! I can't imagine ether would be bad choices! Love seeing Zach visit home, and hopefully he doesn't let his visits go too far inbetween. Their conversation about 'that boy' was spot-on, what good parents he has! I'm very curious how medical school is going to go.

    1. Josh has made some new living arrangements which you'll hear more about on Monday when Dawn and Finn's update goes online. That Elliot guy has definitely gone overboard with this whole situation.

      I think I'm just going to sit back and see what Zach decides. He's still not ready for a big commitment but I'd like to see how he behaves if he's in a steady relationship. I think Zach wasn't intentionally keeping a distance to his parents, he's just been so swamped in his studies that he rarely goes out at all anymore. He's been so motivated to study for his bachelor degree that I'm positive the medical school will go well - if he gets in.

      Thanks for your comment. :)