Friday, 15 May 2015


Round 16: March 2026

(Tina is 38.)

Narrated by Emily.

Aaron, Frieda and I managed to get into the same dorm and Frieda and I even share a room. It makes it easier to live with a bunch of strangers when there's two people I've known since I was a kid.

The good thing about strangers is that they don't know everything about what has happened in my life before. They don't know my boyfriend died and I had some sort of a mental breakdown after that. It's quite easy to just forget about it when I study with people who don't look at me with concern all the time.

Frieda grew up on a farm so she was thrilled when she learned that the dorm has a few orchard trees and even some garden plots. She enjoys outdoors so much which is a good thing because it means our little garden is taken care of without me having to lift a finger.

She hit it off immediately with this Isaac guy who lives in our dorm. They both play for the university sports teams so they have a plenty of stuff to talk about even though she plays soccer and he plays basketball. She also thinks he's really cute and from what I've seen I think the feeling is very much mutual.

Aaron and I study together a lot. The freshmen have some basic classes together no matter what your major is so it's nice to be able to study with him. Frieda's usually at soccer practice in the afternoons so she studies late at night when she comes home.

Lately I've been having these feelings for Aaron that go beyond just being friendly. I never felt this way about him when I was with Ethan but now I just know that I want to be more than friends. We've been flirting quite a lot and I feel like maybe he's interested too. Sometimes I just feel really weird about it because Ethan was his brother and I feel guilty like I'm cheating on my boyfriend even though he's been dead for 2,5 years now. Every time Aaron and I hang out together I open my mouth to ask how he's feeling about all of this but I always lose my courage before I get a word out.

I'm still seeing a therapist although not as often as I did before. We don't talk so much about Ethan anymore, just about everything that's going on in my life especially now that I've moved to college. She says is natural to move on and continue living my life. The feelings of guilt are also natural according to her. She says I should talk to Aaron about this because he might be confused as well. I know she's right but I just don't know if I'm brave enough.

Frieda and I have become friends and I've talked about this with her too. She says that I should go for it. She says that her dad closed off for years after her mom died and it seemed like he would just fade away.

"Just go for it! It's so obvious that he likes you too" she says and every bone in my body wants to believe her. I'll just have to work up my courage and talk to him.

Grades, spring semester 2026
- Aaron: Political Science, A+, GPA 4.0
- Emily: Architecture (Mathematics), B+, GPA 3.3
- Frieda: Undeclared, B+, GPA 3.3


  • Title reference: Firework by Katy Perry.
  • Oh man, it's taken me so long to finish this update! It took me forever to play and when I was finally done I realized I had only a few pictures I could use. I hope I can pick up the pace again and update more frequently.
  • Emily and Aaron are definitely interested in each other but I thought it'd be more realistic to write in some conflicting emotions. You'll hear Aaron's POV in future updates.
  • Frieda hasn't declared a major yet but I have an idea about her future career and what she could study so she'll register for one eventually.
  • I tweeted about not getting my existing dormies to claim rooms in the dorm. I got lots of help from Carla and Maisie but unfortunately nothing worked. So I let the game generate new ones and I just love them. I recently changed my default face templates and this new ones are super cute. Isaac's one of the new dormies and I think he's very pretty LOL. Hopefully from now on the game will use existing dormies though.


  1. I think Emily and Aaron would be a sweet couple, it's not like she cheated on him while Ethan was living, and I think it could be a nice way to move on together and mourn as well. I actually know a real life couple that happened after the husband/brother died, they were elderly. But it seemed to work for quite a long time (not for a remarriage), but still good.

    It's nice seeing Emily happy, and doing well. Freida looks great, and it is nice that the girls are becoming better friends, I agree with Freida, she should go for it. He does seem very receptive. I'm glad that you got your dormies to work out, and yay for cute new dormies! I wonder what the issue was at the start.

    1. I think Emily and Aaron would be great together. They've been friends for a long time and I'm sure they'd get over the weirdness if they both want to be together.

      I'm so happy that these kids are doing so well. Life has been hard for all of them so I kind of have a soft spot for all of them and just want to give them sunshine and butterflies for a few updates.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. It definitely makes sense for Emily and Aaron to both be feeling weird about their burgeoning attraction, considering she was once with Ethan. Even if Ethan had lived and he and Emily had split up amicably, it could still be an awkward thing. They do seem like they could be a sweet couple though, so I hope they can move past it.

    Sorry you couldn't figure out why your existing dormies weren't claiming rooms but I'm glad you've got some cute new ones! Isaac does look cute, from what I can see of him. :)

    1. I hope they can work through the weirdness because I really want these two together. Basically I just want them to be happy because as I said to Maisie, life has been hard for Emily and Aaron - and Frieda too. While I love a good drama I feel like I just want some smooth sailing for these three for some time now.

      I really don't know what the issue was but I'm happy with the new dormies. I hope this problem doesn't happen again though because I don't want to generate a new batch of dormies every time I move my kids into the dorms.

      Thanks for your comment. :)