Saturday, 29 August 2015


Round 16: March 2026

(Eve is 25.)

Narrated by Lilly.

It's my senior year and I feel like I live and breath classes, assignments and term papers. The professors warned us about the work load and they were right! We're swamped but at the same time I really enjoy it because I know that next year I'll be qualified to teach - in case I actually get a job.

Eve and I get along so well that it's a pity we won't be living together for long anymore. She's decided to give Gabriel a chance and they're going to live together. She grew up without a father and only got to know her dad a few years ago. She doesn't want her child to go through the same thing.

Sometimes we're like an old married couple. Eve naps on the sofa and I read something. She says she envies those women who feel like they could conquer the world while they're pregnant. She says all she wants to do is eat and sleep.

I've gone on a few dates with Bobby. He's really nice but we just don't click. We have so different opinions on so many things that I just don't see this going anywhere. Sure, I love a good debate but I don't want every date to turn into a battle of who's right and who's wrong.

I finally told him that we could be friends but that's it. He took it pretty well although I have a feeling we won't be hanging out any time soon. One of the reasons I don't see myself in a relationship with anyone is that I haven't really gotten over Josh yet even though it's been about a year since we broke up.

As part of my senior year I've also gotten to work at Allerdale Elementary School. I work mostly in Rianna's class although I help the other teachers too.

Working with the kids has made it clear for me that this is what I want to do for a living. It can be tough at times but it's so rewarding.

I had a few evaluation talks with Rianna and she says she's very pleased with my work. She hasn't taken the subject to the City Council yet but she'd love to have me working at Allerdale after I graduate! I'm so excited!

Gabriel spends a lot of time at the apartment now that he and Eve are together for real. I have to start apartment hunting soon. It would probably be wisest to live in Allerdale or Wellington but there aren't small and cheap apartments available and I love living in the city. Gabriel's apartment will be empty soon. It's tiny but I wouldn't mind, I'm used to not having a lot of space after living in the dorm for 2,5 years.

Josh is apartment hunting too and he has his eyes set on an apartment in the same building Gabriel lives now. So it's possible we could live in the same building next year. I don't know how to feel about that. He's dropping hints constantly that he'd like to get back together but I'm just not ready. And I don't think he's either. I don't want to get back together and then have him break my heart all over again because he got bored or something. I've told him that we should just be friends for now and take it from there.

Grades, spring semester 2026
- Lilly: education (literature), A+, GPA 4.0


  • Title reference: Georgia by Vance Joy.
  • I've had this update sitting on my computer for a long time. I finished playing Lilly's session right after the last update but I've written a line here and another there and just never seemed to be able to finish this thing! But lo and behold, here it is!
  • Bobby was my #1 candidate for becoming Lilly's new boyfriend but honestly they don't agree on anything! I won't let her get back together with Josh either before he makes up his mind.
  • It probably looked like I've dropped off the face of the earth and I'm sorry for that. Things at my workplace are mildly put "bad" and it takes up all my energy to get through a work day. I'm not making any promises of updates in the near future but I promise this: I'm not ditching Wellington. Even if it seems to take me months to whip up one update I still love this hood!


  1. Not wanting another boyfriend is probably best while Lily is so busy with classes, assignments and term papers!
    Like the rooms (decoration and furniture), as always :-)

    1. Yes, you're right. Lilly doesn't really have the time for a relationship right now.

      I like how this apartment turned out too. I'll turn Lilly's room into a nursery once the baby is born. And I also get to decorate Lilly's new apartment once I actually find her one!

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. Smart girl, Lilly! Definitely make sure Josh is ready to commit himself to a relationship before you get back together with him! So exciting that she's so close to graduating though. That seemed to come up fast.

    I'm sorry things are so tough for you at work - I hope they improve soon.

    1. Lilly's definitely smart, she won't let Josh break her heart again. I feel like Lilly, Josh and Finn have flown through university, like they just begun and now they're all graduating! Lilly will most likely start studying for a master's degree right away. I haven't calculated her UAS points yet but I believe she's more than qualified for an entry in the master's program.

      Thank you so much for the sympathy. I really hope things improve at work, they can't get much worse! We'll most likely start doing shorter work week (tue-wed-thu) in a couple of weeks which sucks financially but it's great otherwise. More time to rest, more time for simming, more time to live :)

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. I'm glad that Lilly and Josh aren't just getting back together, I would like that, but he definitely has to be serious. It's nice that she is okay without having a boyfriend, and was confident enough to call things off with Bobby, it isn't any good if they can't get along. I hope things work out for Eve and Gabriel. I'll be curious to see what she has and how they do in their new apartment.

    I also hope that things at work settle down, and you are able to find some relaxation soon. Glad that you aren't ditching Wellington, it is one of my favorites!

    1. I think Lilly is very mature when it comes to the matters of heart. I think she's watched her sister closely and while she loves Erin very much she doesn't want her life to turn out the same way. Getting back together is what both Lilly and Josh want but they're in completely different places about what they want from a relationship. I can't wait for Eve's baby to be born! It'll be interesting to see how it'll go with her and Gabriel.

      Thanks so much. Things at work are settling down a bit but it's been such a roller coaster for a few months. I'm not sure if I trust it to change for better or if this is just a calm moment before a new storm. At the moment it seems I'll continue to work full-time so I won't get more time for simming but it's fine.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  4. Classes during your final year/semester is definitely like having a full-time boyfriend so it's best she keeps her head in the books for now. Better to be stable with school and a possible job than a flighty guy. Hopefully she keeps her sights set on those things and hopefully Josh doesn't try to charm his way back in just because Lilly is familiar.

    1. Oh yeah, I think Lilly feels like she doesn't want to waste her time on stupid boys when she has so much else to focus on right now.

      I think Josh is still keeping Lilly on the shelf. He think that when he gets tired of being a single and finally wants a relationship he can just get back together with Lilly just like that. I don't think it's going to work like that at all, lol.

      Thanks for your comment. :)