Monday, 1 August 2016

Wellington Gazette, December 2026

by Brooke Greene

Restauranteur Kurt Robinson died at 70 after dealing with health problems for a few months.

Not much is known about Kurt Robinson's early life but cooking has been his dearest hobby since an early age and it later became his profession.

Kurt Robinson and his first wife Olivia moved to Allerdale and started a farm in the early 1980s. They had three children together: twins Jack and Grace (b. 1983) and Frieda (b. 2008) and were happily married for 35 years until her death in 2014.

Kurt Robinson with son Jack and daughter Grace circa 1984

Kurt Robinson working on the home farm circa 1999

Kurt Robinson with daughter Frieda circa 2009

Kurt Robinson got his second chance of happiness with his second wife Tina (née Grundstrom). The couple got married in 2020 and had two sons Timothy (b. 2021) and Michael (b. 2024).

Kurt Robinson with his children Frieda, Timothy and Michael in the summer 2025

Kurt Robinson with his family in September 2026

Kurt Robinson is survived by his wife, five children and six grandchildren.


  • R.I.P. Kurt. I actually had a lump in my throat when I loaded their household and ended up playing them for a day or two before I could finally say goodbye to Kurt. It's so sad for Frieda to lose another parent and for Timothy and Michael to lose their father at such a young age. But it was his time to go.
  • I wanted one last pic of the whole family together and I'll probably be doing this for other families as well because my elder sims aren't getting any younger.


  1. Aw, RIP Kurt. :( I know he'd been ill, so I was kind of expecting it but it's still hard to see him go. Especially seeing he still has such young children. Even Frieda is quite young to lose a parent.

    1. Kurt's death made me sadder than other elder deaths. I feel so bad for the boys and for Frieda who's now completely orphaned. I'm just glad she has adults in her life who love and support her.

      Thanks for your comment. :)