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Rules and Regulations

These are the current rules and regulations in Wellington. I try to keep this post up-to-date. In order to keep this post somewhat readable I have written separate posts for subjects that require long and rambling explanations.


Apple Valley / Crystal Creek / Lakeside Heights / LaQuest Beach / Laurel Crossing / Millwood / Sullivan / threadandsandpaper


Aspirations are assigned based on childhood wants, interests and personality. Sims get their second aspiration around ages 16-21 and it's based on their wants, interests, personality and lifetime want. Lifetime wants are kind of irrelevant for me because I don't like them to dictate the sim's life too much for two reasons. The career LTW's don't always make sense and I prefer to use other methods on choosing a career for a sim. Some non-career lifetime wants are just kind of crazy.


A detailed post about careers is here.


A detailed post about education is here.

Expanded Genetics and Height


Eye-sight, freckles and hairiness are genetically inheritable features. Each sim has their own DNA which determines their need for glasses, whether they have freckles and how hairy they are. I got the inspiration from Carla who got the inspiration from Simmerville @ Sims Daily. The way DNA (at least for sims) works is explained superbly by Simmerville in their post.


GG = needs glasses all the time
Gg = will need glasses at some point (usually when they turn 45)
gg = doesn't need glasses


FF = two or more sets of freckles
Ff = one set of freckles
ff = no freckles

Hairiness (this affects male sims)

HH = thick facial hair, hairy body
Hh = some facial hair, some body hair
hh = little or no facial and body hair, thin eyebrows


Height is inherited via eye colour. I have three height groups for adult sims (short, average and tall). A child inherits their height group from the parent (or grandparent) whose eye colour they inherit.

Family related

Adoption Fees

  • €10,000 for a baby
  • €7,500 for a toddler
  • €5,000 for a child
  • €2,500 for a teen

Birth Control
  • Neatness (5 or more neat points) adds one point.
  • Sloppiness takes away one point from the score. 
  • Outgoingness (5 or more outgoing points) adds one point.
  • Shyness takes away one point.
  • Activeness (5 or more active points) adds one point.
  • Laziness takes away one point.
  • Playfulness (5 or more playful points) takes away one point. 
  • Seriousness adds one point.
Score of 0 or more = sim is allowed to use birth control
Score of less than 0 = sim is not allowed to use birth control

Divorce Rulings €1,000

Fertility Treatment

  • For couples who have tried for a baby unsuccessfully three times and the female is over 35 but under 45
  • Costs €5,000

Ideal Family Size

  • Aspiration ACR Rank (AAR):
    • Family = 1
    • Knowledge = 2
    • Fortune = 3
    • Popularity = 4
    • Pleasure = 5
    • Romance = 6
  • Personality Dependent Score (PDS):
    • Outgoing + ( 0,5 x Nice )
  • Ideal Family Size Formula:
    • PDS / AAR = Ideal Family Size
edit Oct 10, 2015: any IFS higher than 5 will be divided by 2 (ie. IFS 11 will become 5) because none of my sims will get more than 5 children.

Marriage License €500

Additional fees for wedding venues
  • St. Mary's Church (Allerdale), ceremony - €500
  • St. Mary's Church (Allerdale), ceremony + reception, €1,000
  • Town Hall (Wellington) - €500
  • Central Park (Wellington) - €2,500
  • Little Pink Chapel (Exmoor) - €500
  • Victoria Park (Wellington) - €5,000
  • Starry Nights Function Hall (Wellington) - €3,500

Multiple Births

  • Fertility Treatments
    • IVF treatments get increased odds for multiples as follows: 45% single, 30% twins, 15% triplets, 10% quads.
  • Advanced Maternal Age
    • Advanced maternal age (over 35 years old) get increased multiple odds: 55% single, 30% twins, 10% triplets, 5% quads.
  • Generational Multiples-single case
    • If either parent to be or grandparent is a multiple: 45% single, 35% twins, 15% triplets, 5% quads.
  • Generational Multiples-multiple cases
    • If both parents to be (or grandparents, or any combination of ) are a multiple: 40% single, 40% twins, 10% triplets, 10% quads.

Maternal, Paternal and Parental Leaves

Maternal leave starts 1 month prior to due date and lasts until baby is 3 months.
Parental leave starts after maternity leave ends and lasts for 6 months. Either parent can take the parental leave.
Paternity leave is one month and can be taken any time from when the baby is born to when the baby turns 6 months old.


Bank accounts

All sims can have a bank account via Monique's computer.

Child support

Child support is handled by Monique's Child Support hack. No download link available.

Loans and mortgages

Loans and mortgages are handled via Cyjon's Loan Jar. The current interest rate is 3%.

Real estate

In real life location is a big factor in property values which means that identical houses in two different areas are most likely prized differently. Therefore I've decided to either increase or decrease the prizes of houses depending on the part of the hood they are located in. This won't affect current home owners, only future buyers.

  • Allerdale: rural area, property value -10%
  • Wellington: small town, no change to property value
  • Exmoor: city area, property value +10%


Taxes are collected once every two years. Households will pay a percentage of their total value including cash, bank balance and lot value. The current tax rate is 10%.

Sims can claim deductions which are:

  1. €1,500 per dependent: a child under 18, a full-time student under 22 or a non-working elder.
  2. €2,000 for farming families: farming is evaluated as culture enrichment.
  3. €1,000 for home owners.
  4. €1,000 for energy efficient houses (solar panels).
  5. €1,500 for married couples.
  6. €2,500 for business owners.
Taxes, along with other government funds, are handled by the Governor, currently Denise Cooper.


Hobbies are assigned to sims based on their interests. See Carla's post here.


Driving License
  • €3,000
  • For sims of 16 years or older

Vehicles cost money to drive

Hack found here.

Taxi charges money

Hack found here.

Bus rides

Bus rides are currently free.

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