Monday, 16 October 2006

University admissions

After trying several different ways to determine which sims are accepted into university I've finally settled on a system adapted from the systems created by Laurel Crossing, Apple Valley and Sullivan.

I use Wellington Aptitude Score (WAS) to determine acceptance into Brixton University. WAS is calculated for each sim at the age of 16 or 17 (depending on the last time I play their household before they turn 18). WAS not only determines whether a sim is accepted into university but also the amount of tuition they play.

For sims applying for postgraduate studies I use Undergraduate Aptitude Score (UAS) which is calculated after university graduation.

Undergraduate admissions

  • 40 WAS points to enroll
  • 55 WAS points for half-tuition (if not gained by a scholarship)
  • 70 WAS points and a grade of A+ at high school graduation (= Wellington Scholar's Grant), sim pays no tuition

Wellington Aptitude Score points

  • 1 WAS point per enthusiasm point in any hobby
  • 1 additional point for any maxed out hobbies

  • 1 WAS point per skill point in each skill
  • 1 additional point for a maxed out skill

  • 10 WAS points for an A grade
  • 5 WAS points for a B grade
  • 3 WAS points for a C grade

  • 10 WAS points for a Gold Badge
  • 5 WAS points for a Silver Badge
  • 3 WAS points for a Bronze Badge

Extra skills
  • 1 WAS point for each skill
  • Parenting, Fire Safety, Anger Management, Lifelong Happiness, Physiology and Couples Counseling

Teen jobs
  • 1 WAS point for a Level 3 teen job

Postgraduate admissions

  •  30 UAS points to enroll (this may change later)

Undergraduate Aptitude Score

Undergraduate GPA
  • 10 UAS points for 4.0
  • 5 UAS points for 3.7-3.9
  • 3 UAS points for 3.4-3.6
  • 1 UAS point for of 3.2-3.3

Entrance Examination
  • career specific skills (counting 2 skills with the highest points)
    • Master of Architecture: mechanical, logic, creativity
    • Master of Education: charisma, logic, cleaning
    • Master of Laws: charisma, logic, cleaning
    • Master of Psychology: charisma, logic
    • Doctor of Medicine: mechanical, logic, cleaning
    • Doctor of Science: cooking, logic, cleaning
  • 1 UAS point per skill point (20 UAS points is maximum)

Faculty Interview
  • 4 points per reputation stage, negative reputation results in minus points

  • With the postgraduate admissions I tried to come up with a system that wasn't identical to the undergraduate admissions. I also emphasized the meaning of the entrance exam and interview so that students who didn't do so well in college could still have a chance to study for a Master's degree or Doctorate if they're otherwise suitable for their chosen field.

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