Friday, 22 May 2009

Ivory tower

Round 7: 2005-2008
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Olivia hasn't been using birth control, after all she is almost 50. But it seems that age hasn't really affected her fertility since she's pregnant.

Meanwhile Jack has one of his friends over. He hasn't been able to buy a double bed yet so he and Suzanne have to cuddle on the sofa after his parents have gone upstairs to sleep.

Kurt couldn't be happier about the pregnancy. He and Olivia always wanted more children but they honestly couldn't afford to because they had so much debt and Olivia had to keep working on the garden.

Jack is taking more responsibility of the business. He goes to the Farmer's Market to sell some of their latest crop. Olivia is still the owner but the customers seem to like Jack's customer service too - at least Paige seems pretty impressed.

Olivia can't seem to keep herself out of work completely. She loves gardening but Kurt has asked her to take it easy so she only helps with the harvesting.

Kurt is carrying some sympathy weight. He's always trying out new recipes and never exercises so it's not a big surprise that he's growing quite a belly.

Olivia goes into labour while she's gathering materials for the compost...

... and gives birth to a baby girl, Frieda.

Jack doesn't have money to take Paige on a proper date so he just invites her over for dinner. Paige understands his situation because her parents also struggled with money when she was a child.

Jack was able to whip up some money though for an engagement ring! He's a bit nervous because Paige doesn't say anything at first but eventually she accepts his proposal.

He finally has the double bed so he asks Paige to stay the night. They don't get much sleep though because they're too busy planning their future.

Olivia is very happy about the engagement and she's even more excited to hear that the wedding will take place on the farm! Little Frieda is completely unaware of the hulabaloo that's about to happen in a few days.

The wedding is just one reason for Kurt to get fit again. He hasn't given up on his dream of having his own tv show one day and he knows that the networks aren't too keen on fat chefs.

Frieda has her 1st birthday and it's clear that she's the spitting image of Olivia except her blue eyes come from Kurt.

  • Title from "Ivory tower" by Anna Abreu
  • Note to self: never write an update after midnight, it's not going to turn out good LOL
  • Kurt got §50.000 from a chance card so the family is now officially debt-free! I'm so happy they made it. Now they can finally replace that tv and sofa that the burglar took several rounds ago.
  • Olivia has been using birth control for years because they simply couldn't afford to get another child. She's rolled the want for a baby constantly so I decided to let them try and she got pregnant immediately. Jack and Grace were 24 when Frieda was born so there's quite a big age difference.


  1. When I read the beginning of the update, for a minute I thought it said Olivia was almost 60 and I was thinking "Wow, she really IS fertile!"

    Yay for being debt-free. I love it when struggling families finally get a break!

    Frieda is so cute!

  2. Yeah, getting pregnant at nearly 60 would've been a miracle! Of course she rolled the want for another baby right after Frieda was born but that's not going to happen.

    I was so thrilled when Kurt got the bonus. If there's one family that deserves a chance then the Robinsons are definitely that family.