Sunday, 31 May 2009

Can't change me

Round 7: 2005-2008
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Narrated by Elissa Cooper.

We had another boy and named him Joshua, Josh for short. I was kinda hoping for a girl since we already had three boys but I'm not disappointed. We have a beautiful healthy baby and that's the most important thing.

Cal's been working on his toys a lot lately. I know he'd like to open a toy store someday but he'll have to wait until we've paid off our debt. Hopefully Ben will start making good money soon so he can pay back the money we used on his college tuitions.

Sam invited his girlfriend Grace over for dinner. It wasn't a very romantic dinner though because Danny joined them at the table and he eats like a pig. I don't know how to get some manners into that kid! I feel bad for Sam because all the money he makes goes into our loan payments. I'm hoping we can pay him back somehow. I don't think we would've managed without his help.

I could hear Sam and Grace spending some "quality time" in the livingroom after we had gone upstairs to sleep. I can't blame him though for trying to steal a few private moments with her. He doesn't even have his own bedroom which I guess can be quite frustrating for young lovers.

I'm glad to see he's also good friends with Grace's brother Jack. They call themselves "the loser duo" because they didn't go to college while Ben and Grace did. I don't like that nickname. They both work very hard - Sam in the military and Jack on his family's farm.

Sam is also helping with Josh now that our baby's grown up a bit. We've managed to plan our work schedules so we don't have to hire the nanny.

I'm taking the biggest responsibility in Josh though. Cal is busy with his work and the toys and I think Sam deserves some free time in the evenings after shouting at the recruits in the army all day.

Cal remodeled the garage and started selling his toys. I think the customers are starting to find him slowly. He doesn't have much time to make new toys though so he doesn't keep the shop open every day.

Danny helps him by keeping Josh busy upstairs. It's nice to see them bonding.

Ben came over for a visit and he and Sam talked for hours. They've always been very close and they both feel a bit strange living apart. Ben is encouraging Sam to move out and start a life on his own. I don't think Sam needs encouragement - he seems ready to go.

I don't know what we'll do without Sam's cookings! I can cook spaghetti and mac & cheese but that's about it. Cal is even more useless in the kitchen. Maybe Danny will get more interested in when he grows up.

The first thing that Danny did when he turned 13 was to get a job. Unfortunately he also managed to find his way on some shady websites and got a bunch of viruses on our computer! I had to tell him that he's not allowed to use the computer for a week.

Sam moved out tonight. I watched him get on the taxi and drive off. I have to admit I shed a few tears too. I'm going to miss him but I'm happy that he's finally getting a chance to start his life. I don't think he'll live on his own for a long time though since Grace will graduate soon.

This is the outfit that Danny had when he aged to teen. He's obviously looking at me and thinking "get me new clothes PLEASE"!

  • Title from "Can't change me" by Chris Cornell
  • I moved Sam temporarily on a vacant lot which I use for these kinds of purposes. I'll move him and Grace into some apartment building after she has graduated.
  • You can see a proper picture of Danny as a teenager in his profile along with his aspiration, LTW and other info.
  • I figured Cal would be the kind of guy that has a huge midlife crisis so that's why he's let his hair grow and is leaving the responsibilities of the family for Elissa (and Sam). He and Elissa were only 16 when they had the twins so he never really got to enjoy his youth when he was young.


  1. LOL That totally looks like that's what poor Danny is saying! hehe. I don't blame him either, very few men can pull that look off! :)

  2. A lot of change for this family this round! One new baby son and another moving out.

    That last pic of Danny is so funny! Yep, a new outfit is needed pronto!

  3. I hate that outfit that Danny grew up in. I had a couple of male sims have that as their default athletic wear and it drives me nuts.

    I hope the family will be able to make it with out Sam's help

  4. Most of my sims have the silliest/ugliest outfits when they age up, I wish you could choose their clothing when they grow up.

    The other twin, Ben, should start paying back the money his parents used on his college tuitions so hopefully they'll be fine. I still haven't made up my mind whether I should let Cal keep his job or make him concentrate entirely on the toyshop. I don't enjoy playing home businesses but this family needs every possible simolean they can get.