Monday, 26 October 2009


Round 10: Spring 2013
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Patrick Marlowe is 66, Vicki is 62, Stephen is 12, Alexandra Hayes is 39, Quinn is 37, Aaron and Ethan are 5 and Jeremy is 2.

Narrated by Alexandra Hayes

I can't believe Aaron and Ethan have started school already! Seems like I don't have to worry about them making friends since they brought a couple of class mates home after school on the first day. They're only 5 years old and already bringing girls home!

Ethan enjoyed a game of chess with Emily Midlock, the teacher's daughter. Rianna and I have been friends for years so it's nice that our kids get along.

Mom and dad are priceless. They make sure that Aaron and Ethan do their homework. We don't have to worry about Stephen, he seems like a studyholic. If he's not doing his homework then he's probably learning new skills.

Dad says that taking care of Jeremy while I'm working keeps him young. I'm actually a bit jealous since he gets to spend more time with my son than I do. Hopefully I can get a promotion and start doing fewer hours at work.

Mom adores her grandchildren. She has already taught Jeremy to say "nana". He can't even say "mommy" yet!

Stephen has grown up so much. He'll start high school next year. I just hope he doesn't turn into one of those teenage monsters you see on the Jerry Simger show!

We usually spend our evenings in the kitchen. Mom cooks or bakes something and I play with the kids while dad reads something. Usually he dozes off at some point and we have to wake him up and tell him to go to bed. It's a wonder how he can sleep in that noise!

Quinn told me one day that when he came down for breakfast he found my parents sitting by the table hand in hand looking at each other. I think it's sweet that they're still so much in love. I hope Quinn and I will be like at their age. Mom finally retired from her job. She said that she wants to spend more time with the family and enjoy her life. She kinda scared me because she made it sound like she could die any minute.

Quinn and I don't see each other much due to our work schedules. He works the nights - although I still don't know exactly what he does. He gets a lot of phone calls but he usually stops talking when I walk into the room. I think he has some businesses with Thomas.

It seems like he doesn't put any effort in getting a promotion. He usually just reads some crime novels and I don't see how that would help anyone advance in their career.

The other night I woke up when he crawled into bed. He said he had been demoted. We had a talk in the morning and I asked him directly if he was up to something shady. He denied it at first but finally admitted that perhaps his job isn't the most legal one. I can't believe this: I married a thug?! And he's got my little brother in the same mess as well? Ain't life sweet?!

I don't really know what to think about Quinn's confession. I try to push it to the corner of my mind and concentrate on the kids. Jeremy has started walking - or should I say running - and it feels like I need eyes on my back to make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Now I feel the same way about my husband too.

I forget my worries when I look at my three little musketeers. Like the other morning when I woke up and found them playing together in the twins' room. It was one of those moments when I feel that I've done something right in my life.

  • Title from "Uprising" by Muse
  • I hate having sims in the criminal career so Quinn will probably quit his job and find another one. Or he might become a guinea pig as the first adult sim who's getting a college degree by correspondence. I got the idea from Sullivan (where else?!) and the whole system has been explained very well by Carla in this post.
  • Stephen is a workaholic. He already qualifies for 4(!!!) scholarships and he's only 12. He might become the first sim in Wellington who goes to university for free (he needs 7 scholarships for that). His family is one of the richest ones in Wellington so he'll definitely go to college anyway if he wants to.


  1. So, how did he enter the criminal career? Is it a LTW?

    And WHOA!!! I had to look twice to see who Stephan's parents were! Wow did they ever have him late in life! I totally missed that post!

  2. Always love a Wellington update!

    Go Stephen! What a smart kid! I have a couple of really clever 12-year-olds right now (Calvin Clarke and Nick Moretti). Stephen will breeze through college, I'm sure!

    I'm always torn on the criminal career too. It can create some good drama, like you've done here but I'm not really a fan of it either. I'm looking forward to seeing what Quinn decides to do now that he's spilled all to Alexandra.

  3. Apple Valley, Quinn is a former townie and was on the criminal career when he moved in with Alexandra. Stephen is the result of fertility treatments. Vicki had a neverending want to have a child but they weren't able to get one "naturally". Unlike Jackie Whitfield who had twins in her early 50s without fertility treatments!

    Carla, the main reason for letting Quinn stay on the criminal career was to create some drama. Alexandra's brother Thomas has the LTW to become a Criminal mastermind so he's on that career too. I haven't decided what to do with him yet. He might get pulled into the same mess with Quinn. There can never be too much drama LOL

  4. no boy shortage in this family!

    I never do the criminal career ether. I wonder if he keeps his career or gets a new one.

    Love the picture of Patrick snoozing in the chair.

  5. I was hoping that Alexandra and Quinn had a girl when she was pregnant but of course it had to be a boy. She wants a baby but I think this is it for them. For one thing their house is not big enough for another baby.