Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wish I could fly

Round 9: Autumn 2012
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Cal Cooper and Elissa are 50, Danny is 16 and Josh is 7.
(Janie is 18.)

Narrated by Danny Cooper.

I've been spending a lot of time with Janie lately. We get along so well - I haven't told her about kissing Liv though. I don't know why I kissed Liv. I mean we've always been friends but I don't even think about her that way.

Mom seems to like her too since she invited us in for lunch when she saw us outside on our frontyard.

Dad has decided to shut down his toy shop. It hasn't really taken off and he doesn't seem that interested in making toys anymore.

Mom has been working out like crazy for the past few weeks. It paid off though since she was promoted Lieutenant. She says it's not easy for a 50-year-old woman to be as fit as the fresh-out-of-academy cadets.

Josh is pretty much glued to the tv. Whenever I pass our "livingroom" he's always there watching cartoons or some kids' movies.

I asked Janie out on a proper date. I don't have much money to spend so we went to Generation X. First we played some pool.

I quickly checked if I had enough money for dinner and then asked her whether she wanted to eat. Luckily I could afford to buy us both some food. I'm pretty sure Janie knows that my family is pretty poor and she doesn't seem to mind. I don't think her parents are exactly loaded with money but nobody is as poor as us!

I guess the old cliche is true: the best things in life are free! Making out costs zero simoleons but it's the most fun you can have! I asked Janie back to our house and she said she'd love to come.

Dad was at work and mom and Josh were having dinner so we snuck upstairs. Not my brightest idea though...

Mom caught us in the act in their bedroom. I don't think I've ever been so embarassed!

Needless to say mom was furious. She told me to go to my room and said I would be grounded forever. Janie looked horrified and snuck out of the room while mom was lecturing me. I couldn't blame her for wanting to get out as quickly as possible!

Later that night I snuck out of my room to get a snack from the fridge. I was just about to go downstairs when I heard some noises from the kitchen. I could hear someone crying and it shocked me to the core to realize that it was dad! He said that he was so stressed out about everything. Mom tried to console him by saying that at least they'd been able to pay back some of the loan. Dad said that it's good but it makes him sad to realize that there's not much happiness in his life right now.

I had no idea things were so bad. I just hope dad doesn't flip out completely and leave us. I'll have to shape up and start acting like a man. My parents have enough worries without me messing things up.

  • Title from "Wish I could fly" by Roxette
  • I've done a major fuck-up! REALLY bad! I realized that I have completely skipped the Cooper household on round 8. According to my notes I have played them but there certainly aren't any pictures of them and no blog entry. I'm a bad bad simmer and blogger!
  • Cal got the last ROS of the round: have a mini-midlife crisis (change your secondary aspiration or get one if you don't already have one). He seems like a guy who loves to have fun so I made him a Family/Pleasure sim. Unfortunately all his wants involve buying something and they just simply can't afford to buy anything.


  1. OMG, that's bad, getting caught by your mother, in her bedroom! No wonder she grounded him!

    I don't know what it is with pleasure sims, they always keep rolling up wants to buy something, even if they don't have the money.

    I hope Cal will get more happiness in his life soon!

  2. Oh, poor Cal! I hope they run into some money soon. Maybe that'll make him a little happier. Pleasure Sims are even more annoying than Fortune Sims in that way!

    Loved poor Danny getting caught out by his mum!

    Going back through my old posts, I've noticed that I have occasionally skipped a family. Their aging will be in sync and everything but there's just no update, no pictures and I have no idea what happened to them that round. It's happened more than once, so don't feel too bad!

  3. Wow-talk about embarrassing for those teens. I giggled when he mentioned how broke he was but yet he was eating filet mignon :P

    Don't feel bad about skipping them, perhaps we could get a mini-update of them this round to make up for round 8 :P

  4. I'm starting to get a bit annoyed with Cal because he's so whiny LOL! His aspiration level is so low, it was red the whole time I played. And all those "buy me this and buy me that" wants aren't helping.

    Apparently nothing major has happened to them during round 8 since I haven't missed that update before. It's quite a mystery ;)

  5. Yikes, I'll bet that was so embarrassing getting caught by your mom, LOL!

    Poor Cal. I hope things look up soon.

  6. Eek! How mortifying to be caught by parents, and how horrifying to catch your son!! Wouldn't want to be in any of their shoes at that moment!

    They sure are sweet holding hands together.

  7. How embarrassing for Danny. Definitely not one of his brightest ideas.

    I feel for Cal. I can't imagine the amount of pressure he's under especially when the family needs the money.

    1. Yeah, Danny wasn't really thinking with his head in that situation!

      This was a very difficult time for the family. But if you keep reading you'll see that it will get better :)

      Thanks for reading. :)