Saturday, 14 November 2009

The islander

Round 10: Autumn 2013

Principal Rianna Midlock is 43, teacher Patsy Greene is 22, Stephen Marlowe is 12, Dawn and Zach Whitfield are 9, Josh Cooper, Lilly Fielding and Finn Harris are 8, Aaron and Ethan Hayes, Emily Midlock and Frieda Robinson are 5.

The school has been modified a bit. The pre-schoolers now have their own class on the second floor. Patsy wants to start the semester easy so she lets the kids play on the activity table before they tackle the gradework books.

Rianna has the older kids in the arts class. She wishes they could afford to build a music room but the renovation of the second floor ate up their budget this year.

Patsy has her hands full with the Hayes twins. She finally gets Ethan to sit down and start working but Aaron is totally out of control.

The moment Patsy turns her head away from Aaron to check on the other kids he's already drawing some doodles on the chalkboard. Patsy feels like she has no other choice but to contact Aaron's parents. His grades are very low and they surely won't improve if he refuses to listen to his teacher.

The town has finally gotten a public pool so Rianna takes her class swimming one day. She thinks it's important that all the kids learn to swim properly so it's a good thing that the swimming hall is within a walking distance from the school.

Stephen tries to convince Rianna that he's old enough to use the diving board. Rianna doesn't want the kids to use the diving boards because it's hard enough to keep an eye on them without them jumping to the pool on top of each other.

- You can use the diving board after school if you come here with your parents.

Lilly wishes that they had some beach balls so they could play. Finn tells her that she should come to their house because they have a huge pool and his mom lets him play there every day.

Rianna takes the kids back to the school. There's not enough time for studying before the bus arrives so she lets the kids play on the playground.

  • Title from "The Islander" by Nightwish
  • This was Stephen's last year in elementary school, he's aging up to teen this winter.
  • I'm using bigger pictures now that I don't have to worry about the file size. I resize them to fit on the blog layout so if you want to see more clearly then click on the pics and you'll see the actual image size.


  1. That pool is probably as similar as you can get in TS2 to the pool where I have to take the kindergarteners for their swimming lessons in real life. How did you get them to go to the pool together? Did you just teleport them and make them selectable?

    I love the pre-schoolers at the activity table and Patsy looks like she's doing well in her new job. It's hard when you're in your first year out!

  2. I teleported them and made them selectable. I tried using the "groups" feature on the phone but only two of the kids showed up so that didn't work.

    I'm basing all this school stuff on my own experiences (as a student in a Finnish school). My memories are a bit vague though, it's been 20 years since I was in elementary school LOL!

  3. I totally love your pool! What a fun field trip. I would have liked that back when I was in school.

    Hope their is money for the music room next year.