Sunday, 1 November 2009

Land of sunshine

Round 10: Spring 2013

Principal Nyah Fielding is 27, Erin Fielding is 18, Danny Cooper is 17 and Liv Harris is 15.
Townie students: Veronica Andrews, Calista Morgan, Nico Morris
and Jay Winters.

The arts and crafts class is still the students' favorite. Liv is getting pretty good at the pottery table although she can only make plates so far.

Nyah prefers library work to gradework lessons. In the library the kids learn to search for information for themselves which is very helpful when they head off to college. This is Erin's last year in high school and she's already anxious to start university.

The students often hang out in the school backyard until it's dark. Most kids don't have the privilege of chess tables and basketball hoops so it's nice that Nyah lets them use the school's equipment after school hours.

Nyah works quite late sometimes. She has to take care of many administrative tasks such as writing the study reports for each student.

The music class is coming up nicely, there are already a few instruments but not enough for all students. The school is run on donations and tax money and this year has been very good financially so hopefully next year Nyah can start music lessons as well.

  • Title from "Land of sunshine" by Faith No More
  • I have renewed the tax system completely. The new system is exactly the same as the tax system in Sullivan and Carla has explained it here. I had grown to hate the old system I had and I'm very happy with this new one. Each school in the Wellington district gets 25% of the tax funds and this year they got over §10.000. I'll do the taxes every four years so next time will be in 2017 on round 12.
  • I'll do the elementary school update in the autumn.


  1. $10,000 is a nice chunk of money for a school! I need to refurbish my schools but it's going to be slow, probably, because I'm going to make them do it with tax funds this time.

  2. Your school looks great! Love the playground at night.