Sunday, 11 April 2010

Venus as a boy

Round 12: Spring 2017
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Janie Greene is 23 and Danny Cooper is 21.

Narrated by Danny Cooper

Janie and I rented a house together on campus. She got a job at the Dean's office although she's constantly looking for a job in the business world. So far living together has been great. We spent practically every moment together even when we were still living at the dorm so it's not that big of a change.

Janie urges me to study all the time so I went to the faculty building. But who cares about studying when your faculty building has a bar!

I guess I got a little tipsy because all of sudden I thought it would be a great idea to give a rap performance to everyone. I even got a few tips so maybe the other students were a bit drunk too!

I got a call from my professor and honestly it's not looking too good. He said it's more than likely that I'll fail all my exams. I know I should study but I just can't seem to get myself to work.

I soon got something else to think about. Janie told me that she's about two weeks late. We've been really careful with birth control but it's never 100% sure. Janie said she would go to Wellington the next day after work and buy a pregnancy test.

She started feeling really nauseous after dinner and I'm pretty sure already that she's pregnant. And I was right. She took the pregnancy test and it was positive. We're having a baby.

I'm not gonna lie, this isn't exactly the ideal situation. We've talked about starting a family but in our minds it all happened when we were closer to 30. But it's happening now so there's really nothing we can do. There's a tiny part of me that just wants to run out of the door as fast as I can but a bigger part says I need to grow up. It takes two to get pregnant and I know Janie is terrified enough without me starting to act like a total asshole.

Ok, so the whole baby thing is happening faster than we expected but we're actually in quite a good mood after the first panic attacks subsided.

We're both dreading the idea of telling our parents. It's even worse for me. Not only do I have to tell them that I've gotten my girlfriend pregnant but I also have to confess that I was put on academic probation. They're not gonna be happy!

We told Janie's parents first because we thought they might take it better than my parents.

They were a bit shocked at first but then the idea of a new grandchild sunk in and they seemed genuinely happy for us.

Her dad got up from his chair and came up to me and I was afraid he would punch me in the face. Instead he shook my hand and congratulated me. Bobbie gave Janie a hug and said that if we needed anything all we had to do was call. I know Janie's parents are pretty much loaded with money but I'd rather not take money from them.

My parents took it better than I expected. I did see the utter horror on dad's face but mom just looked really happy. I think they were really disappointed about the academic probation stuff but at least they took the baby news quite well. They became parents at the age of 16 so at least our situation is much better compared to that!

  • Title reference: Venus as a boy by Corinne Bailey Rae
  • I have a confession to make: Janie's BC didn't fail, I did! Some time ago I accidentally deleted inTeen and then forgot all about it. I've been changing my sims to ACR BC anyway and I was pretty sure that Janie was already using that. It turned out she wasn't and now she's pregnant. It's not what I had planned but when have my sims ever stick to my plans anyway?! The baby is due in Winter 2018.
  • Danny got the fulfill biggest fear in this round's ROS. He kind of took care of that himself. His biggest fear happened to be the academic probation and he achieved it. It doesn't look very good, he needs a couple of skill points but he never gets any wants to study new skills. His grades for this year went from A+ to D. But all in all I'm just happy I didn't have to kill anyone!


  1. Wow. I've done that before, usually after installing an update or new expansion pack, I have to remind myself to restore ACR settings.

  2. "Janie urges me to study all the time so I went to the faculty building. But who cares about studying when your faculty building has a bar!"

    Lol! I loved that line, it made me laugh :)
    I think that Janie and Danny will do a fine job as parents, but Danny needs to graduate!

  3. Congrats to the couple! I hope this is a wake-up call for Danny to study! It would be great if he could graduate and tell his kid later that he did all for him!

    I loved that he didn't want to study because of the bar in the faculty building.

  4. That family portrait is SO CUTE! I'm trying to figure out whether I've got that pose box. Hmmm...I've not used it in an update, if I have.

    Uh oh, academic probation. They've definitely got some tough times ahead. It sounds like Danny might have got on academic probation on his own, if he really gets the want to study so rarely. Maybe knowing a baby is on the way will spur him to study a little more. .

    It figures that Danny's parents would be relatively understanding about the pregnancy. I'm glad it looks like Janie and Danny have the support of both sets of parents.

  5. Apple Valley, I almost did it again with another household! I'm such a doofus. Now I'm gonna double-check all my sims to make sure they're on BC.

    Tessa, Danny bolted straight to the bar. I was kind of hoping he would get the want to play chess or something but he just wanted to drink juice and freestyle LOL

    Tanja, I hope so too. I've been planning the graphic design career (custom) for Danny but in Wellington it requires a college degree. And his parents wouldn't be very happy if he flunked out.

    Carla, I used poses from two different pose boxes because I wanted something different. So it's very likely you have them but you've never used them together.

    Danny is a Pleasure sim and all he wants to do is jump on the sofa or play computer games. Or at least that's how it feels to me. If only he got the want to play chess so he would get that one logic point then it would all be ok.

    At first I was gonna write that Cal freaked out completely when he heard the baby news but then I thought that it would've been the old Cal. The new Cal did some growing up a while ago and is now actually a supportive father ;)

  6. Wow baby and academic probation. I don't think the baby will help with his probation. I'll be interested if he rolls the wants to save his tush and stay in college.

    They're going to have a beautiful baby, I really like these two.

  7. Ah, that explains it! I bet I do have those two poses then! Thanks for the info.

  8. Maisie, I'm actually hoping that the baby is the extra boost he needs to study. Not that it makes any difference in game but in my head it does ;)

    Carla, I know Danny's pose is from Decorgal's box and I'm pretty sure you've used Janie's pose too. It just looks a bit different because she's looking at the camera and the photo is taken from a different angle. I can check the name of the box when I play the next time.