Monday, 26 April 2010

Oxford comma

Round 12: Summer 2017
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Deacon Burrows is 52, Stella Harris is 53 and Finn is 12. 
(Elissa is 55, Josh is 12, Regan is 53, Rianna is 47 and Alexandra is 43.)

Narrated by Finn Harris

I was kind of worried that maybe my parents were getting divorced or something when I found dad sleeping in Liv's room. He woke up and said that he's got the flu and doesn't want everyone else to catch it.

He sounded pretty sick. I don't think he's ever skipped work before but he actually took a couple of days off.

I asked mom if I could go to Generation X with Josh. We're finally old enough to go there so we might as well take advantage of our new freedom. Mom's really strict about the rules. She keeps talking about the rules all the time. I bet she's made up all these rules because Liv was so good at getting herself in trouble!

I actually got a permission to go and mom even gave me some money for the bus and food.

Josh had some money too so we decided to get something to eat. I wish I could get a job but I'm too young to work. In a couple of years I can start earning my own money which will be so cool!

We were hoping to meet some cute girls but unfortunately it seemed that only guys were coming there that day. After a while some girls came over too. Dawn and I have been friends for some time but I've never really thought about her that way. She's quite cute actually!

I had no idea that she and Stephen Marlowe have some sort of thing going on. I was talking to her when suddenly Stephen stormed in and kissed her.

They started dancing and she seemed to forget that I was there. I don't really enjoy being the third wheel so I went upstairs to play some pool with Josh.

A few days later mom had some of her friends over to watch a new movie that hasn't been even released yet. They had some snacks and non-alcoholic beer before they started watching the movie.

I had a friend over. Her name is Rachel and she lives near Wellington. We met at Generation X and hit it off. It's nothing romantic, she's just really nice and we get along well.

We had to move over from the tv because mom and her friends wanted to start the movie. We were ordered to stay downstairs because apparently I'm not allowed to take girls to my room! What is up with that?!

Rachel stayed for a while and then left. I walked her to the nearest bus stop and then went for a swim in the pool.

Mom and her friends watched the movie and it sounded really boring. It was all about relationships and there was not even one car chase or shooting scene. I guess older women like that kind of stuff but I prefer action. Not that my parents would let me watch any of the good stuff anyway.

Their conversation after the movie was even more boring. Why do women always want to talk about their feelings?

Her guests seemed to have a good time though. I was told to go to bed after they left. Apparently I also have a bedtime. I wish mom and dad would stop treating me like a kid.

  • Title reference: Oxford comma by Vampire Weekend.
  • Finally an update! I know I tweeted that I would update during the weekend but I just didn't have the time. I'm hoping to get more updates done this week but it's not looking too good since I'll be working from 1pm to 11:30pm and I do need to sleep sometime ;)
  • It seems Dawn and Stephen have decided that they want to be together. She's too young to date though, especially since Stephen is a couple of years older. Poor Finn is attracted to Dawn and townie Cassie Hooper who both seem to be more attracted to Stephen.
  • Two ROS for this family: Deacon was one of the unfortunate sims to take part in the flu epidemic. Stella had the movie night in with her closest friends.


  1. The movie night was fun! Poor Finn, he is still a child, but not a child, that dreaded tween stage.

    WCIF the beer and tasty treats on the table from the movie night. Made me hungry.

  2. Loved the movie night and Finn's POV on it, and the bedtime. Poor guy, he just wants to be treated like an adult, and sleep when he wants. Then add that the two girls he likes, like Stephan more, what a bummer for his ego. He's still young though, plenty of time for breakups and new girls.

    Glad the marriage is good and it was just the flu.

  3. Oh, poor Finn! All the girls he likes are more into other guys! And Liv's made things hard on him by being such a hellion when she was a teen, lol!

    The movie night was cute and it ties in nicely with Stella's career too.

    Deacon recovered from the flu, I take it?

    I love their living room, by the way, with the big windows and the modular couch. And that wallpaper is amazing! Do you remember where you got that?

  4. Thanks for reading :)

    Apple Valley, Finn is a typical teen, he thinks he's so grown-up!

    The beer is from Simslice and the food is from Exnem Sims. I think they're both pay items though.

    Maisie, it's an unfair fight for Finn because Stephen is older and has known all the girls longer. I'm sure Finn will find many more girls that he likes, he's still young :)

    Carla, Liv definitely influened the parents to set more rules for Finn. But it's always like that, the younger siblings pay for the older ones' mistakes LOL

    Oh yes, Deacon recovered from the flu. I thought I had written it in but apparently I deleted that sentence. He's fine. I'm too chicken to leave a household if one of the sims is sick because I'm afraid they'll get everyone else in the hood sick as well.

    The wallpaper is by Donnha. It's either from her TSR page or from her blog. Both links can be found on my CC post.

  5. Oh Finn, I remember those days! I'm the only girl of 4 kids and so I never got to do ANYTHING! If it wasn't my parents on my back, it was my two older brothers! Tween years suck! But adult hood isn't all it's cracked up to be get freedom for the price of bills and stress lol

  6. Thanks Sari! I keep forgetting to go through Donnha's stuff - you've linked me to her before when I posted a WCIF!

  7. Mizzgin, being in your early teens isn't much fun. I'm sure things will get easier for Finn at some point - at least when he moves out of his parents' house.

    I sometimes wish I was still a teenager. Looking back, life seemed a lot easier than it is now!

    Carla, you definitely should check out Donnha's stuff. She has amazing walls, I rarely use anyone else's walls nowadays.