Saturday, 21 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Spring 2019

Janie has entered second trimester and she's feeling surprisingly good. No signs of morning sickness or swollen ankles yet which is good because she and Danny are in the middle of looking for an apartment since they'll soon be moving back to Wellington.

Janie enjoys strolling around the campus with little Bridget who has just started walking.

  • The Greene-Cooper baby is due in the Autumn 2019 so not much longer to go. You'll see more of the family in Danny's last university update.
  • I'm planning to do a bit of terrain surgery for the main hood and some minor tweaks on the university. And then maybe finally get some proper pictures of the hood and a proper tour around the hood. And I need to write a post about the education and career system since it has gone through major changes. And to do a few lot tours... why do I keep adding more things on my to-do list?!


  1. Love the scene of them walking, is that a pose box? I didn't know kids could be posed.

  2. Just wondering since I couldn't find it on any of your custom content pages, 1. Where did you download the /mod/hack where pregnant sims can where their everyday clothes? and 2. Do your new default skins have the blur feature when showering, going to the bathroom , ect.?

  3. Apple Valley, the walking picture is from a pose box by Giu.

    I downloaded a bunch of new poseboxes a few days ago and I love using them now.

    K, I use Squinge's Pregnancy Wear Any Outfit mod. You can find it here:,91730.0.html

    The blur censor has nothing to do with skintones. I have a mod that removes it. Don't remember where I got the mod though.

  4. And I also forgot but 3. where'd you get the miscarriage mod?

  5. Oh my gosh, Janie and Bridget look so cute together in that last picture! I just downloaded that box the other day but haven't played any toddlers yet.

    Can't wait to see the baby!

  6. Oh man Janie and bridget are uber cuteness, I love that last photo of them. Im excited to see the new baby, I'm sure it will be adorable. I don't' think Janie and Danny could make a baby that wasn't.

    I love Janie's dress, I downloaded those as well, but didn't know who I would have wear them since they are rather short. But they fit Janie perfectly. She can wear anything and be great I imagine.

  7. K, the miscarriage is a feature on InTeenimater. You can find InTeen at Simbology:

    Carla, I was really thrilled to use the box right away. They sure look cute.

    Maisie, this family has become my new favorite. They're all so cute.

    The moment I saw those dresses I knew that they would fit Janie perfectly. She looks great in any clothes but I think this is my favorite style for her.

  8. I LOVA that last picture of Janie and Bridget! That one is soo cute!!
    That dress Suits Janie so well, she looks so good in it.
    I can't wait to see the baby, but I'm sure it's going to be cutie!