Monday, 30 August 2010


Round 13: Spring 2019
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Liv Harris is 21.
(Niall is 24.)

Narrated by Liv Harris

I travel to Wellington almost every weekend and I usually stay at Niall's apartment. We had a big conversation about our relationship some time ago. I've wanted us to be exclusive for some time but I've been too chicken to ask him what he thinks. Then I finally built up the courage and said that I don't want us to see other people. He said that it's fine by him. So I guess it means that we've taken one little step toward a real commitment.

It's not like we will be moving in together anytime soon although I would love to get a unit in the same building after I graduate. Currently there are no vacancies but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone will move out. All the units are pretty much identical and I really like Niall's apartment so it would be really great to live in that building.

He does have a terrible taste when it comes to decorating. His bedroom is like a brothel with the red walls and the red light over the bed. Not that I've ever been to a brothel but I've always imagined they look exactly like that.

I've been having some problems with the band lately. More accurately with Beau. He just won't take no for an answer. I've told him time and time again that I'm not interested and I finally had to say that I quit the band.

I've been practicing mostly at home now. I don't have much time to play anyway since I have to focus on the theory part of my studies.

I've been studying together with this new girl called Kaitlyn. She's really nice and we usually end up talking about other stuff than partitures and such.

She was saying that she'd love to meet some nice guy. I immediately thought about Stephen. He started studying at Brixton this year and I don't think he's dating anyone.

"So he's cute? And single? And not a weirdo?" Kaitlyn asked me before she agreed to meet him. I assured her that Stephen is really cute and not weird at all.

I invited him over for dinner right away and he was more than happy to come. Kaitlyn seemed to approve as she gave me a nod with a smile on her face the moment he walked in.

I could tell they hit it off immediately.

My parents came over for their monthly check-up visit. They also had some great news. Mom's in the big league now. She had the leading role in a movie that became a massive hit and now my family is filthy rich. They're building a new house on the beach in Exmoor. It'll be very similar to the one they have now with the addition of an indoor pool and obviously the private beach. They wanted to know what kind of wallpaper I want for my room there.

I guess they were pretty shocked when I told them that I had no intentions to move back home after graduation.

"So you're going to move in with that guy you're seeing" dad said. I don't know why he has such a huge problem with Niall. We've been dating for 3 years so you'd think that he's gotten used to the idea of us being together. I guess he still finds it hard to accept that I'm not a little girl anymore.

I told them that I'm going to live on my own and I think they finally accepted it because mom said they would help me with the deposit.

I kept staring at mom while we were talking, trying to figure out why she looked so odd. Then I realized that she looked much younger than what she did the last time I saw her.

I guess she finally noticed that I was staring at her. She admitted that she had some work done on her face some time ago.

"You know, it's not easy being a 55-year-old woman in Hollywood. There are dozens of younger, prettier and thinner girls waiting in line to take your place. So I had a nip here and a tuck there" she said.

I know that it's a tough business but it's still a bit creepy to have a mother who almost looks younger than me!

Dad gave me the usual lecture about focusing on my studies instead of my boyfriend. He also tried to convince me once more to move back home after graduation but I didn't budge. I can be just as stubborn as he is.

  • Title reference: Voodoo by Adam Lambert
  • Liv got A+ for both semesters. She has graduated but she's still living in Brixton. You will see her in the Winter 2020 birthdays.
  • Liv rolls the occasional wants to makeout or woohoo with 5 different sims but other than that she really doesn't seem interested in any other guy than Niall. I played him for a couple of days and he's not interested in other women either. I think it's sweet when Romance sims (she's primary, he's secondary) want to be faithful. Poor Beau, that picture is just one of the many that I took of him being rejected by Liv!
  • I've decided that Wellington needs one filthy rich family! In real life movie stars make insane amounts of money and Stella is a huge star right now so I've decided to give them some extra money.


  1. Yay for filthy richness and yes, she does look a lot different and younger and not at all 55. Did you just remove the wrinkles or do more extensive plastic surgery?

    I hope Live finds a cute little apartment, I love her decor style. Her sofa is the cutest thing, I barely recognized it as a maxis sofa.

  2. Her Dad does look super worried. That was a great shot of him.

    I'm glad that she wants to live on her own before moving in with Niall.

  3. Apple Valley, I just removed the wrinkles so I'm imagining she gets botox injections and maybe had a very subtle face lift. If necessary, I'll do plastic surgery on her when she ages to elder.

    I found those recolors of the sofa by accident when I was downloading some default replacement clothing from GoS. I haven't used that sofa for ages but I'll definitely use it more now.

    heredoncove, I got lucky with that shot of Deacon. I kept looking at them when they talked and paused at the right moment. Poor Deacon, he wishes that Liv would have stopped growing at age 10, lol!

    Most of my couples move in together right away so I'm glad I have someone who's a bit different.

  4. LOL, as soon as I saw Liv and Niall on the bed, I thought "where are they? A brothel?" That place needs a woman's touch, I think! But I love it when Romance Sims decide to commit to someone too - it seems like it really means something coming from them!

    Ah, I was wondering who would be getting that beach house you showed off at N99 and now we know! I agree, it's fun to have a couple of really rich families and with Stella's career, they're the perfect family for it.

    And wow, I didn't notice that sofa was Maxis until Apple Valley pointed it out! Whoever recoloured that did a great job.

  5. I laughed at Kaitlyn's comment of "So he's cute? And single? And not a weirdo?" I guess most cute single sims would be weirdos. That's why their single.

    Liv and her mom do look like sisters! I think that would freak me out.

  6. Carla, I know, it's the sleaziest bedroom I've ever decorated. I just thought that Niall would think that it's really cool. I'm sure Liv can convince him to redecorate.

    I started thinking that it didn't make sense that Stella and Deacon didn't have much money when she's a superstar. I'll try to get them moved in that beach house before their update.

    The recolors are really wonderful, you can find them here if you're interested:

    gallowaytownship, well isn't that true about some single people as well, lol!

    It kind of freaks me out to see Stella and Liv together now! They've always looked so much alike but now it's kind of eery ;)

  7. LOL at Niall's bedroom. I think Liv is right though, it's not very classy!
    Dad's and their dauthers... it's always the same, they keep thinking their little girls stay little forever!
    Sometimes the money-system Maxis put in doesn't make sense! You're right about the movie-stars, they earn lots of money when they are big!

  8. Tanja, Niall's bedroom is the opposite of classy, lol!

    Deacon has always been a very protective father. I guess it's hard for him to see Liv on her own because he can't protect her from all the bad things anymore.

    I've always kind of wished that sims in the upper levels in the show biz career would make more money. And with Deacon being a Business Tycoon I think it makes even more sense to make them rich.

  9. I gave my top-level showbiz actress lots of money, too... and a really extensive makeover, when she turned to elder, that actually makes her look younger than some of my eldest adult sims... lol...

    And, lol at Niall's bedroom, too - I love doing decorating and stuff like that in the game - stuff I'd hate in r/l :)

  10. Blackcat, that's what I'm planning to do for Stella as well.

    I think I actually giggled out loud when I decorated Niall's bedroom.

  11. Niall reminds me of a vampire, lol. Just thought I'd throw that out there. :) I really like his bedroom, the lighting really adds to it. In college one of my guy friends had only black lights, it was.. odd.

    Kaitlyn is adorable, she's wearing one of my favorite hairs, it's so pretty and looks good on about anyone. I'm glad Kaitlyn is going to get her own place, and I love her sofa. I forgot I downloaded those recolors at GOS, but I'll have to remember to look them over in game now. Like the poster on that thread, they were my favorite sofas for girls in the beginning, then I just forgot about them.

  12. Maisie, now that you said it, I think Niall reminds me of a vampire too!

    I loved those sofas when TS2 first came out but I haven't used them for ages. I really like the "back to basics" theme at GoS, I have to remember to go through that post again.