Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Happy Birthday, Summer 2020

Mia Greene is really excited that she's going to be a big sister in the Winter. She's even more excited when Patsy, or Mama as Mia calls her, tells her that there are two new babies on the way!

Paige and Jack's second child is also due in the Winter. They're enjoying the warm weather by having a picnic in the orchardry. Paige takes a little nap and Jack watches her sleep and makes sure that she won't get stung by a bee.

Jack's father Kurt is expecting a baby with his new lady friend Tina. Kurt will become a father and a grandfather at the same time!

He wants to do the right thing so he asks Tina to marry him. She accepts and they decide to get married in the Autumn before the baby is born.

Dawn and Finn are awaiting the birth of their baby with mixed emotions. They have decided to give the baby up for adoption. Neither of them really feels ready to be a parent so they want to do what's best for the baby.

Today they're meeting the adoptive parents for the first time. Phoebe and Samuel have been trying for a child for a long time so they're quite excited that their 3-year-old daughter Paloma will get a little sister or brother in the Autumn.

  • So there you have it: Dawn and Finn won't keep the baby. I don't have any playable couples that are really in the right situation to adopt so I decided to give the baby to Phoebe and Samuel instead. This way we all get to see what is going to happen in the baby's life after the birth.


  1. There's a lot of pregnancies in Wellington. I haven't thought about having my non-playables adopt-thanks, just in time since I have an oppsie pregnancy and I don't think I should torture the parents or the baby by allowing them to keep it.

  2. So many pregnancies! You, Maisie and I are in the midst of a baby boom! I can't wait to meet all the new Wellington residents. :D

    Hmm, I never thought of allowing non-playables to adopt either! I can't believe I never thought to have Adrienne meet Rose and Joanna pre-adoption either. Both great ideas! I'm glad Dawn and Finn were able to make a decision - I hope it's one they're happy with.

  3. Aww i love pregnancy pictures. I didn't realise you had so many pregancies in Wellington!
    I love paige and Jacks photo. so cute! And pasty and mia are cute too.
    Its great to see Kurt move on for Olivia and i'm so glad they're getting married.
    Great ideas with the adopn.I love how they to meet the parents. Does that mean we see the baby in birthday posts and any primary chool/playable family updates?
    Can't wait for the births!

  4. Thanks for reading :)

    Apple Valley, I really wanted a Wellingtonian couple to adopt the baby and the Linds seemed like the perfect solution.

    Carla, I know! There's a real baby boom in the sim world going on. I can't wait to see the new babies either!

    As I said in my notes, I didn't have any playable couples that were ready to adopt and Samuel and Phoebe really have been trying for a baby. In the end I'm sure this is the right decision for everyone although I think it's going to be hard especially for Dawn to give the baby away.

    mail, thank you :)

    I like the photo of Paige and Jack too, it's a bit different than my usual pregnancy pictures.

    It's about time Kurt moved on. They'll have a very low-key wedding but I'll do a little update about it anyway.

    We will see the baby in birthday posts and eventually in the school updates as well.

  5. As Carla said, you gave some good ideas about the adoptiong thing, I wrote them down for when I need them.

    I'm glad Dawn and Finn finally came to a desicion about their baby, I hope they do the right thing.

    Aw, a wedding, congratulations to the couple.

    I can't wait to meet all this new babies!

  6. Tanja, I'm glad that for once I'm giving ideas instead of stealing them from others ;)

    In the end I'm sure that this is the right thing to do for Dawn and Finn and the baby.

    Not much longer for the wedding now. As I said, it's going to be low-key but still worth of a small update.

  7. Oooh yay! Twins is exciting!! I'm glad that you found someone to adopt the baby for Dawn. I hope it all works out for everyone. I'm glad we'll still get to see the baby, I wanna know what he/she looks like.

    Adore the picture of Paige and Jack. It's so crazy that Kurt is getting married and having another baby. It just really fascinates me! The whole dynamics of it, and how much older Kurt is to the baby and Tina. Looking forward to watching this family grow!

  8. Maisie, I'm excited about the twins too. And I'm glad that I thought of the Lind family because otherwise Dawn's baby would probably have been adopted to "another town" and we never would've seen her/him.

    The Robinson family tree is going to look very interesting now! It must be a bit of a weird situation for all of them.