Monday, 27 December 2010

So many friends

Round 13: Summer 2020
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Tom Patterson is 27 and Dixie Greene is 26.
(Bobbie and Alexander are 69, Toby and Brooke are 28, Charlie is 26 and Erin is 25.)

Narrated by Dixie Greene.

Tom and I are trying to think of ways to make more money. We like our house but we want to get a bigger one. It doesn't feel so bad in the summer when we can spend time outside but it's hard to have guests over when there's barely room for the two of us. I even did lottery one week and won. But it was only €160 which isn't even half of my one day's salary so it didn't help a lot.

Working on cars is definitely the best way for us to get some money in the bank. Tom has gotten really good at it too and since he has weekends off he usually gets a lot done while I'm at work.

We have buyers lined up so once a car is finished we usually drop it off to the new owner right away. I wouldn't want to fix cars for living but it's a great hobby.

We're all still so sad and shocked about aunt Vicki's death. We try to visit mom and dad more often now because I know that mom especially took it really hard. Tom's been really great. He's like a rock that we all can lean on.

Mom is really devastated. There's really nothing any of us can do but try to console her. I can only imagine what she's going through. Just the thought of losing any of my siblings is frightening.

Tom and dad give us some space and usually go outside to play some sports.

I don't know what to say but I really don't have to say anything. Mom just needs to talk and I listen. She's talked a lot about her and Vicki's childhood and teenage years.

Tom said that I need some cheering up so we invited some friends over for a small BBQ party. Janie and Danny couldn't get a babysitter and they didn't want to bring the kids so they said they'd visit some other time. Charlie and Brooke are regular guests in our house anyway so it was only natural that we invited them. I don't know Erin and Toby very well but Tom is friends with both of them and they live pretty close to us so we invited them too.

I don't make new friends very easily because I'm so shy but both Erin and Toby seemed really nice. They got engaged some time ago and Toby moved in with Erin and her daughter just a couple of weeks ago.

We like having friends over but I really enjoy having the house to ourselves and spending some quality time together. We both got promoted this week, I'm now a marine biologist and Tom works in the vice squad so we have completely different work hours.

Tom always has such great surprises for me. Like one day when I came home from work he had organized a little picnic for us in my favorite spot on our front yard.

After we had eaten I got up to clean up and he suddenly got down on one knee and proposed!

I was so surprised but of course I said yes!

We haven't set a date yet and we both talked about a long engagement but I'm just so excited. I'm getting married!

  • Title reference: So many friends by Martha Wainwright.
  • I didn't expect Dixie to be the first Greene triplet who gets engaged. She rolled the want to marry Tom this round and while Tom hasn't roll the want yet which is weird for a Family sim, he has been thinking of marriage a lot lately. I haven't set a date for them yet but most likely the wedding will happen in 2022.
  • Dixie's small lottery prize is the last ROS for this round. It's a drop in the ocean for them really since at the end of this play session they had €30,000 in the bank. I'm planning to move them into a new house next round.


  1. Aww, a wedding. I love weddings. The picnic scene was perfect, yay for Tom for organizing that. For some reason I thought that they were married already, but I always confuse this couple with Alexa and Will Harper.

  2. I'm so happy for these two! Getting married and now a new house - lots of good changes afoot for Dixie and Tom.

    Poor Alexandra! The death of a twin must be so hard for the one left behind. :(

  3. Aww this is great that they are getting married! The picnic/proposal was quite lovely!

    So sad for Alexandra, it would be horrible to lose a sibling at all. :( I hope the wedding can give her something to look forward to, and occupy her thoughts a little more.

  4. Apple Valley, I'm glad these two got engaged. It's easy to confuse them with Alexa and Will because they look a lot alike.

    Carla, I can't wait to move them out of that tiny house. I'm thinking of moving them into the brownstone you built.

    Bobbie was Vicki's twin sister, Alexandra was her daughter :) But yeah, she's taking it really hard.

    Maisie, I wanted to do something different for the proposal and I thought Tom would be the kind of guy to organize something like this.

    I really hope that the wedding will cheer up Bobbie (not Alexandra who is Vicki's daughter). Dixie will probably have her mother helping her with the arrangements just to get her mind off of Vicki's death.

  5. A new house and a wedding for them! I think I'm as axcited as they are!
    I absolutely loved that picnic idea!! It looked so cosy with all the green surrounding them.

  6. Tanja, I'm glad you like the picnic idea. I wanted to do something different for a change. I'm excited about the new house as well although I'm going to miss this house. The house is tiny but I love the big garden.