Monday, 17 January 2011

Round 14 ROS

Here's the ROS for Round 14.

Viagra overdose - flirt with next appropriate walkby 4 times. - This is for a married sim so it could turn out ugly.

Charity strikes! You're feeling inspired and donate 10% of your personal net worth to charity. Maxmotives because you feel so good. - I seem to get this one every round.

A night out with 3 closest sims - roll for poker, bowling, dance, movies, billiards. - Hmm... this would be a good reason to build/download a bowling alley.

Family reunion. - Family reunions are always fun!


  1. Ooh, get the bowling alley from an-nas at livejournal. Her lots are pretty decent and usually don't have any CC other than her EAxis recolors.

    Well, at least there isn't a death this time. I still have my death ROS to do for my city and I am absolutely dreading it.

  2. Laurel Crossing, oh yay, I'm definitely gonna check out Anna's bowling alley. I have some of her lots and they're all fabulous.

    Oh, I know. I was so glad that I didn't get a death ROS. I haven't gotten one yet but I'm always on the edge of my seat when I roll a ROS for a new round. Good luck with yours.

  3. Ooh, I'm going to check out Anna's bowling alley myself! I badly need a new one.

    Anyway, these all look like fun ones! Hopefully the viagra overdose doesn't get the Sim into too much trouble!

  4. I hope the viagra one happens while spouse is at work, and no one is around! They're bound to get rejected, unless they are already know the walk-by.

    Family reunions are fun, and the bowling alley would be too!

  5. here it is:

  6. I'm so happy you didn't roll a death! For my very first ROS I got a death and the flu epidemic (and a pregnancy)!
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the night out and the family reunion!
    I hope the viagra overdose doesn't end up to be too bad for the sim in question.

    Sari and Carla An-na's bowling alley is great! I have it in my game from the moment she put it up! Some of my sims went there allready, and I just now realize it never was in an update .... :)

  7. Carla, I seem to have good luck when it comes to ROS. I mainly get fun ones.

    Maisie, hopefully the viagra one won't cause too much trouble.

    LaurelCrossing, thanks for the link.

    Tanja, I have a sigh relief everytime I roll my ROS and don't get a death one! Yikes, your first ROS sounds pretty awful!