Monday, 3 January 2011

Wellington Gazette, Autumn 2020


Malia and Greg had a really small wedding with Erin as Malia's bridesmaid and Toby as Greg's groomsman. Greg and Erin's daughter Iona naturally attended the wedding and Greg had also asked Erin's little sister Lilly to come and play the violin.

The ceremony was short and simple yet very beautiful.

Greg shoved the cake down Malia's throat which she didn't seem to mind at all.

They had their first dance as a married couple with Lilly playing a love song with her violin.

Malia also got pickpocketed by some creepy fellow but she didn't let that ruin her day.

Lilly didn't want to appear in the official photos so here's Greg and Malia with Erin, Toby and Iona.

Malia and Greg with Iona.

Malia with her bridesmaid Erin.

Greg with his groomsman Toby.

The wedding party.

Greg and Iona. This photo shows that Iona looks exactly like Greg!

  • I wanted to share photos of the wedding so I posted them as extras since the newspaper would only publish the "official" photo.
  • I was kind of expecting that Malia and Greg would roll the want for a baby right away but she wants to sell a masterpiece and he wants a parrot. So no babies yet for them ;)


  1. Wow, Iona really does look like Greg!

    I love that Iona's parents get along so well. When parents break up, it doesn't always end like that.

    Anyway, this was a gorgeous little wedding! I love that you had Lilly play violin for them - very nice touch.

  2. Carla, I had always thought that maybe Iona had something from Erin but she's Greg all over.

    It's very common for parents to use the child as a pawn after break up. I'm glad that Iona doesn't have to go through something like that.

    I'm happy with how this wedding turned out and I'm glad you liked it too. I wanted something small and simple so mission accomplished :)

  3. Nice wedding!
    It's good to see Iona's mom and dad are still getting along, and that their partners have accepted it all.

    I adsolutely LOVE that last picture of Greg and Iona!

  4. Tanja, thank you. :)

    Erin is actually Malia's best friend, she doesn't know many people from Wellington. And Toby is friends with Greg so they were a natural choice for bridesmaid and groomsman. I'm happy that they get along, it's so much easier for Iona that way.

    I love that picture too, I think I'll frame it for them both :)

  5. I like this concept, showing the wedding as an annoucement. I have some non-playbles who will be getting married soon.

  6. Apple Valley, thanks. I don't want my playable NPC's big moments to go completely un-noticed especially if they're linked closely to my playables. I couldn't really write a proper update for them either since they're playable NPCs.