Monday, 21 February 2011

Happy Birthday, Spring 2021

Janie Greene and Denise Cooper have become friends and they visit each other often so that their kids can play together. They're both due in the Summer.

Phoebe and Samuel Lind were devastated when their plans to adopt didn't work out. But their disappointment vanished when she got pregnant. The pregnancy is starting to show which makes their daughter Paloma wait for her little sister or brother even more eagerly than before. The baby is due in the Autumn.

Lucas, Bridget and Brady look so darn cute when they're playing together!

  • I can't wait for Ben and Denise's baby to be born. I'm hoping for a girl but I'll be happy either way if the baby looks more like Ben! Janie and Danny's kids turn out super cute anyway so no worries there :)
  • I have the university update scheduled next but I have to move my students to the new university first so it'll take some time. I think I'll plop down some lots from the old hood into the new one for now so that I can play but I plan to continue working on new ones when I have more time.


  1. Babies, babies, babies! :D I can't wait to meet them all!

    It would be nice for Denise and Ben if they had a girl this time, after all these boys I can imagine them wanting a girl :), but an all boy family would be nice too.

  2. can't wait to see the new campus. pics please?

  3. Tanja, I can't wait either! I always like birthday posts the best when there are new babies.

    I'm torn between wanting a girl for Ben and Denise or wanting them to have an all boy family. So I guess I'll be happy either way :)

    LaurelCrossing, there's really nothing to show about the new campus yet. I'll post some pics of the main hood and Exmoor soon but the uni is just an empty hood right now.

  4. Janie always looks so cute when she's pregnant! I'm excited to meet all these babies. I'll cross my fingers for a girl for Ben and Denise!

  5. Carla, I think this is Janie's last pregnancy (her ideal family size is 3) so maybe I should do a little photoshoot with her and model some maternity clothing. Might be fun to make them into posters for a clothing store.

    I'm tempted to have Denise give birth already even though I have to do four updates before the Summer birthdays, lol.

  6. That's great that Phoebe is expecting, it was sad when things didn't work for them, though I think it worked out to the best.

    Looking forward to Denise and Janie's babies, I like the idea of Janie modeling some clothes for posters.

  7. Maisie, I'm really happy for Phoebe and Samuel. I've been feeling bad for them ever since I decided that Dawn and Finn were keeping Shea.