Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Happy Birthday, Autumn 2020

Doctor Grace Cooper has a few busy months ahead of her. There's a real baby boom sweeping across Wellington and Grace is working as a full-time obstetrician at the moment. Patsy Greene has come for an ultrasound and Grace is happy to tell her and Camryn that their twins are growing well and there shouldn't be any problems ahead.

Paige Robinson and Tina Grundstrom are waiting for their turns in the lobby. Jack feels a bit awkward around his father's new fiancée so he pretends to check out the magazine rack instead of making conversation.

Grace has just finished the ultrasounds when she gets called to see a patient. Dawn Whitfield's baby is arriving now! She's accompanied by her boyfriend Finn Harris who seems to be terrified.

Everything goes well, despite of both parents being utterly horrified, and Dawn gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.

A few months ago Dawn and Finn decided to give their baby for adoption but Dawn is having second thoughts.

She hands the baby to Finn and tells him that she can't go through with the adoption. Finn takes one look at the baby and says he feels the same. This is their baby!

So when Phoebe and Samuel Lind come to see the baby Dawn tells them the bad news. She's already talked with her parents and they support her decision. Even Finn's parents, who weren't exactly thrilled about the situation at first, are offering their support.

Naturally Phoebe and Samuel are disappointed but at the same time they understand Dawn and Finn.

Dawn and Finn name their daughter Shea Gabriella Harris. For the time being Dawn and the baby are living with her parents while she's still in school.

Lucas Greene-Cooper celebrates his first birthday. Lucas won't be the baby of the family for long since his parents Janie and Danny have just found out that she's pregnant again!

  • So it turned out that Dawn and Finn are keeping the baby after all. I just couldn't separate them. Only time will tell what is going to happen to them but I really hope everything goes well.
  • I popped in the Greene-Cooper household to age Lucas up and during that 15-20 minutes Janie got pregnant! The baby is due in the Summer 2021.
  • I've added profiles for Toby Parker and Tina Grundstrom since they are now playables.


  1. You know, when Adrienne gave her baby up, I almost did the same thing! But in the end, I think she's happier that I went through with it. Good luck to Dawn and Finn - I hope they can forge a strong family unit.

    Lucas is so cute! I think it's the shirt but he looks like a total ladies' man already! And now he'll have a brother or sister soon! Geez Janie...am I thinking of someone else or didn't she get pregnant that way last time? During a quick visit?

  2. Wow, Lucas is 1 already? Where does the time go?

    The look on Phoebe's face is a bit heartbreaking. You could just see all the hope draining from her person. I wonder how things will pan out for Finn, Shea, & Dawn.

  3. Phoebe and Samuel looked so sad, hopefully their dream will come true soon.

  4. Aww, I hope things work out for Shea and her parents. I wouldn't be able to go through with it ether, and generally, I think it's best if babies stay with their parents, but I can't help but feel sad for Phoebe.

    In the photo of Paige and Tina, you can just feel the awkward tension! I don't blame Jack for taking his time at the magazine rack.

    Patsy's outfit makes her look like she's carrying a girl! All wide! Cute!

  5. Carla, I hope I made the right decision for Dawn, Finn and the baby. They're still so young but I hope they can make it.

    I really like Lucas! I think he looks mostly like Danny but he might have something from Janie as well. I'm not sure if it was Janie or Danny's sister-in-law Denise who got pregnant during a quick visit but I've definitely had that happen before!

    Choco, I know, I always have to double check to make sure that it really is time to age up a sim.

    I do feel bad for Phoebe and Samuel but they're still young. She's only 26 and already has one child so she should be able to get pregnant. And they can always try adoption again.

    Apple Valley, I hope that Phoebe and Samuel will get a child - either biological or an adopted one.

    Maisie, I hope so too. Dawn and Finn will have to grow up fast! I feel sad for Phoebe and Samuel but I'm hoping they'll get a child anyway.

    Yes, the Robinson family is going through some complicated times right now. Jack is happy that his father has moved on but it has all happened so fast and with a much younger woman!

    I'm hoping Patsy has at least one boy in there because I think after these babies are born she and Camryn are done.

  6. Lucas is a total cutie.

    That's a big decision by Dawn and Finn. I hope things work out on their end and that it is the right decision in the end.

  7. Your new wife and your daughter in law in the waitingroom at the same time, that's something that doesn't happen to just anyone! It's going to be some busy years at that household!

    I'm so happy Dawn and Finn decided to keep little Shea! It will be hard and stressfull, but with the support from their families I'm sure they will cope!

    And little Lucas is such a cute boy!

  8. Oh and a happy newyear! I forgot to say it in every comment I posted!

  9. heredoncove, I have a feeling that Lucas will become a little heartbreaker when he grows up.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Dawn and Finn that they made the right decision. Only time will tell.

    Tanja, Kurt has actually moved in with Tina now so they won't all be living under the same roof but it's still interesting to see how everything will work out.

    I'm happy too that Dawn and Finn are keeping the baby. At least they've got their parents supporting them so they're not completely alone in this situation.

    Lucas has to be one of the cutest toddlers in Wellington so far!

  10. Tanja, I almost forgot: Happy New Year to you too :)