Monday, 11 March 2013

Later won't wait

Round 15: March 2024

Zach Whitfield is 20, Josh Cooper and Lilly Fielding are 19.
(Regan is 60 and Grace is 41.)

Narrated by Zach Whitfield.

Josh is constantly surrounded by the girls that live in our dorm. It wouldn't bother me at all if he wasn't my cousin's boyfriend. I know he probably wouldn't go any further than flirting but he should at least have the decency to do it somewhere else.

I really don't want to interfere into their relationship but I thought I'd give Josh some friendly advice.

"Lilly's not stupid, you know, and she's going to see what you're doing. Someone might get hurt if you keep playing like that" I said. "And if it's Lilly then I'll make sure you'll get hurt too."

I should've known though that Lilly would already know about her boyfriend's wandering eye and that she would be able to handle it. She actually laughed about it during dinner in the dorm cafeteria one night.

"I know... hell, everyone knows that Josh flirts with anything in a skirt. But as long as it doesn't go beyond that then I'm fine with it. If he steps out of line then I'll feed his testicles to a rabid dog."

I really don't have the time and energy for other peoples' relationship drama anyway. My own love life has vanished into thin air because I have so much work to do. Our professors warned us last year that it would only get tougher and they weren't kidding. It's lecture after lecture after lecture. Sometimes I feel that my head is going to explode with the amount of information we have to absorb every day.

Junior year means that we finally get to do work in the skills lab as well. They won't let us anywhere near real patients - that comes if and when I go to med school - but we get guest lecturers that sometimes give practical lessons as well.

Grace Cooper works in the ER at Exmoor City Hospital and she always gives such interesting lectures. I'm sure that some of the horror stories she tells are meant to scare away those that are not serious about becoming a doctor. I won't let them faze me. I know what I want to do when I grow up and that's to save lives.

Aunt Regan has also given us some basic science lectures. I'm not that interested in the research stuff but it's still kind of cool to be taught by a Nobel winning scientist. The pharmaceutical science students worship her like she's a goddess - and I guess to them she kind of is.

I met this really interesting girl on campus the other day. Her name's Hazel and she's quite shy and really pretty. I haven't changed my opinion about commitment - I'm still too young to settle down - but I really like spending time with her. We've flirted and I think she likes me but that's as far as it has gone so far. I just feel like she's the first girl in a really long time that could actually become more than just a one night stand for me.

She's so easy to talk to and I enjoy hanging out her without thinking about getting into her pants all the time. Apparently she hasn't heard about my status as the official heartbreaker of Brixton campus because she seems to enjoy spending time with me as well.

I can't get too carried away with her though. I'm even more determined than before to graduate with good grades and get into med school.

Grades,  spring semester 2024:
- Zach, pre-medicine (physics), A+, GPA 3.7
- Josh, photography (art), A+, GPA 3.7
- Lilly, literature/education, A+, GPA 4.0

  • Title reference: Later won't wait by Michael Monroe.
  • Zach likes a girl, lol! He hasn't acted like his usual self (a horny dog) around her. He actually rolled the want to be best friends with Hazel even though he's attracted to her. I think she has the potential of becoming his real girlfriend but that depends on how he acts during the autumn semester.
  • My twitter and tumblr followers already know that one of the female dormies has her eyes set on Josh. She's constantly harassing him, trying to flirt/kiss/whatever, but he always turns her down! I love it when Romance sims act this way. He still rolls those generic wants to make out with 3 sims etc but he also rolls a lot of romantic wants that involve Lilly.
  • Finally the first faculty building is almost done! I've been talking about the faculty system for so long and I think it's finally ready. I'll try to write a proper post about it as soon as possible. I'll also post lot tour of the Faculty of Health and Medicine building after I've finished decorating it.


  1. Wow, settling down? Never thought id see that. I love the new building btw :)

    1. Oh, Zach is definitely not settling down for good. He's just thinking about dating this girl instead of sleeping around but definitely not ready for any big commitment.

      I'm glad you like the building. I hope to finish decorating it soon and posting a proper tour.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Well, it was sweet of Zach to try to watch out for Lilly, even if it doesn't seem like she thinks it's necessary. He's a good guy.

    And aw, is Zach falling in love? ;) Hazel is adorable. It should be interesting to see if anything develops between them.

    1. Zach can be very sweet when he wants to and family is really important to him. Lilly however has proven already that she is more than capable of taking care of herself.

      I think Zach might be falling for this girl. I'm going to go with what he wants but I really wouldn't mind if he fell for this girl because she's cute. I can't wait to play this household again!

      Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Awww, Zach... that's so sweet that he wants to be friends with her. Looks like relationship potential there :)

    The building looks great, looking forward to the lot tour.

    1. Zach has never had the want to be friends with a girl that he's attracted to so I'm taking this as a clear sign.

      The lot tour is up now so go ahead and take a look! :)

      Thanks for reading. :)