Thursday, 13 December 2007

Regan Fielding

Regan Leanna (Whitfield) Fielding

age: 63
birthday: January 23, 1964

siblings: Ryland Whitfield

personality: 6-3-8-4-4
traits: ambitious, focused, socially awkward, active
aspiration: knowledge/family
lifetime want: become nobel scientist (reach top of science career), achieved
hobby: science

sexuality: straight
IFS: --
romance: Max Fielding, together since 1984, married 1993

education: Brixton University, class of 1988, Physics
career: nobel scientist (science, level 10)

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  1. Regan's pale as a teen and young adult and african american as an adult! how do you change the skintones?

  2. I changed my default skintone set and this one has a bit darker S3.

  3. ok because it just seemed odd.