Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Birthday, December 2025

Eve Midlock's pregnancy was a huge shock for her and her boyfriend Gabriel. The timing is definitely not perfect but is it ever? They've decided to make the best out of the situation and after the initial shock are quite happy to become parents.

They still have a lot of things to decide like where they're going to live. The baby is due in June 2026 so they have about 6 months to decide everything.

Malia Newman's getting ready to give birth for the second time. They say that younger siblings born faster but Malia wasn't expecting it to go so fast. Her husband feels calmer now that they're at the hospital because he was afraid that Malia would give birth in the taxi.

Malia barely has time to get on the hospital bed before she feels the urge to push.

It's another girl for the happy couple. The birth went over quickly and Malia and the baby only need to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.

Rhea Violet Newman has brown hair and dark blue eyes - just like daddy.

  • Some time ago I tweeted that one of my sims has gone completely insane. Well, I was talking about Eve. She had just been promoted to Corps de Ballet which would have meant actually dancing for a living and then she goes and gets pregnant. She's not allowed to use birth control and apparently she thought this would be a good time to have a baby.
  • Another girl! I've had so many baby girls born lately that these little ladies are going to be fighting over the few available men in about 15-20 years, LOL. But seriously there are 7 girls and 1 boy in the baby/toddler age group at the moment so it's really out of balance.


  1. Oh Eve! Yeah, getting pregnant is probably not the best move for a ballet dancer. But I hope it all goes well for her anyway. :)

    And yay! Welcome Rhea, though that's quite an imbalance you have going on. I'd be influencing that a little. I give myself three chances at getting the "right" sex. If I'm still getting the wrong one after that, I make myself go with it but it does help a little with the imbalances.

    1. Yeah, not one of Eve's brightest moments although considering her past she's done worse. I was actually shouting at my computer screen when she got pregnant "NO, how can you be so stupid!" LOL. I hope everything turns out alright anyway.

      Oh, I'm definitely going to start doing the same thing you do because I need more boys. Thanks for the tip!

      Thanks for your comment. :)