Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Till sunrise

Round 16: September 2026
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(Max is 70 and Regan is 62.)

Narrated by Lilly.

I've lived in my teeny tiny apartment for a few months now. I didn't even bother bringing my own stuff here so it's stored at mom and dad's house for now.

Mom and dad were shocked the first time they came over and mom tried to force me to live with them. I have to admit it's not my ideal place to live either but I'll only stay here until I graduate and get a job.

Mom understands that I want the privacy of my own space but she says that they would totally stay out of my hair even if I lived at home which I don't believe at all. Even now they seem to want to know every little detail of my life - especially when it comes to dating.

I don't go out much now but sometimes I need to get out of the apartment and see people. I don't even have to go to the campus so much these days so just popping out for a cup of coffee is really nice.

I'm not dating anyone. There was this one girl Tasha that I kind of liked. She's a sophomore at Brixton and we met on campus and hit it off. We've been hanging out just as friends for a few times and things have gotten a bit more flirty every time.

We went to have dinner at the Italian restaurant on Main Street and of course Josh's nephew works there! Josh and I still talk on the phone a lot but we haven't seen each other for some time now. I just know that Ross is going to tell him that I was on a date with a girl! Not that I mind if he knows but it's just going to be weird talking to him after that.

We then went to Merry-Go-Round and things were getting more and more interesting. We even kissed a bit.

We had a few drinks and it was downhill from there. Tasha just started acting so differently, flirting with everyone and ignoring me completely. I finally just sat down with my beer and turned my back on her.

I finally had enough when I saw her making a move on Quinn Hayes, a teacher from Allerdale. I was so embarrassed! I mean, he's married and clearly not interested and I have to work with him!

I told her that it's probably best if we just stay friends from now on. It was way past my bedtime by then so I just took off and left her there.

I was in a bad mood when I got home and I ended up sleeping almost the entire day. I think I'm going to take a break from dating people because most dates just end up badly.

I have some big decisions to make about my life after I graduate. I'm 99 % sure that I'll get a teaching job so I'm already looking for apartments or affordable houses.

Grades, autumn semester 2026:
- Lilly: education (literature), A+, GPA 4.0


  • Title reference: Till sunrise by Goldroom feat. Mammals.
  • Poor Lilly doesn't have much luck in the romance department at the moment but at least she's doing well academically. She's graduated now (with honors) and you'll see her in the January 2027 birthdays.
  • Ha, I love the beer from Simslice because it always causes so much drama! Just like in real life, some people (sims) should just stay away from alcohol, LOL.
  • I don't think Lilly is really interested in a relationship right now as she doesn't roll any romantic wants for anyone so I'm just going to have her focus on getting a job and finding an apartment.
  • BTW her current apartment building is from Apple Valley and I just love it!


  1. Wow, that apartment is super tiny, I forgot I had made it. Thanks for reminding me, I was about to build a small set of dingy apartments and now I don't have to. Hopefully things will get better in the romance department soon, but it seems like she wants to focus on graduating and getting a job soon.

    1. The aparment really is tiny, I had trouble fitting her computer there so she could do school work. But it's great for someone who just needs a place to sleep and doesn't need a lot of space.

      I'm glad I got to remind you that you've built this lot LOL.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. Oh, that Simslice beer! Yeah, that usually causes trouble. I keep it out of my game these days, lol!

    Anyway, it's a shame about Tasha but it sounds like dating just isn't something she really wants to focus on right now. I'm sure she'll have some more luck with romance in the future.

    1. I think I'll keep the beer out of my game from now on, it causes too much drama, lol.

      I was kind of hoping that Lilly and Tasha would hit it off better but it wasn't meant to be. She's definitely going to take a break from dating and just focus on her future job and apartment hunting.

      Thanks for your comment. :)