Friday, 2 September 2016

Happy Birthday, January 2027

Let's see our birthday boys and girls!

Liana Patterson celebrates her 4th birthday...

... as does Naomi Parker. The girls still have one year of freedom before starting pre-school.

Brixton University gets one new student this year and nobody is surprised that Sara Midlock has decided to major in Ballet. She's a bit disappointed because she didn't get assigned to the same dorm as her sister Emily and best friend Frieda but all in all she's really excited about college.

Three students are leaving BU. Here's the class of 2026: Finn Harris, Lilly Fielding and Josh Cooper.

Lilly's parents and sisters are extremely proud of her.

Lilly double-majored in Literature and Education and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

She has decided to postpone her Master's studies for a year while she settles into her job as a teacher at Allerdale Elementary School.

All of Josh's brothers came to celebrate along with his parents.

Josh majored in Photography and graduated with a 3.8 GPA.

Josh managed to snatch a job as a Portrait Photographer thanks to his impressive portfolio. He now lives in the same building with ex-girlfriend Lilly.

Finn's family was also there. His young siblings Minka and Nick were really excited about the graduation party.

Finn majored in Economics with a focus on Entrepreneurial Studies. He graduated with a 3.4 GPA.

Finn and his girlfriend Dawn and their daughter Shea now live in a small house in Allerdale. He still works as a Golf Caddy while looking for a more inspiring job.

  • I'm still a bit undecided about what to do with my 4-year-olds. I changed the rules a while ago so that kids start pre-school at the age of 5 because it makes more sense to me that way. (In Finland kids start pre-school at the age of 6.) I'm just pretending that either the 4-year-olds stay home with a parent or a nanny or they go to daycare center (which is something I'm planning to build at some point).
  • Finn is pretty much waiting to gain access to his trust fund so he's not too bothered about finding a better job at the moment. I might move him to the Business career because Deacon would probably be able to pull some strings to hire his son.
  • I'll start updating the profiles now, I just wanted to get this birthday post online first.


  1. Love this update and seeing all the graduates.

  2. You've got such an attractive hood! Everyone is terribly good-looking, especially Liana and Finn. <3

    That's interesting about Finland. Kids here start pre-school the year they turn 4 (for government pre-schools, they have to turn 4 before July 31; private pre-schools can set their own rules), so 4 makes total sense for my own game. Would you feel weird about just using the Finnish system in your game, and just having your kids start pre-school at 6? Story-wise, anyway - in game, they'd obviously go to school as soon as they aged up.

    1. Thanks, I too really like the way my sims look. I can't wait to see Liana grow up, I think she's going to be a real beauty. Finn turned out really handsome and those cheekbones could cut class LOL.

      Finland probably has one of the highest ages for kids to start school but most kids are in daycare centres or join some sort of afternoon clubs so they get used to working with other kids before they start school. I think for Wellington 5 years is a good age to start pre-school because then the grades work well for me to have my teens graduating high school at 17 and aging up to adults when they turn 18.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Wow, I had no idea that Finnish schools didn't start preschool until 6! That's interesting, something I would likely enjoy. All the age-ups are great, but I'm totally smitten with Liana, Naomi, and Finn!

  4. Love this post and your writing style.