Monday, 16 October 2017

I'm with you

Round 17: January 2027
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Dawn Whitfield is 23, Finn Harris is 22 and Shea is 7.

Narrated by Dawn.

We moved to Allerdale just a few weeks ago and I took over mom's restaurant. It's been quite a stressful beginning for this year so of course I got sick. Mom offered to help at the restaurant so I could take a couple of days off and get some rest. Luckily my little flu ended as quickly as it started.

I really love running the restaurant. It's a big responsibility but I love what I do. I made some changes in the layout and design of the restaurant and also put my own touch on the menu. There have been a few minor hiccups but all in all everything's gone really great. Obviously it helps that the restaurant is well-known and has a nice customer base.

One thing I don't enjoy so much is the paperwork but I try to do it every day so I don't have a huge mountain of things to do by the end of the month. Finn helps me a lot since he majored in Entrepreneurial Studies so he knows this stuff.

He now works as a mascot in a company that throws mostly birthday parties for kids. I know he hates the job but he just smiles and says that it's ok. I know Deacon could probably pull some strings and get Finn a job in his company but Finn doesn't want that. He says he wants to make it on his own without his parents' help. I admire him for that but it breaks my heart to see him go to work in that ridiculous outfit.

He checks the open job positions in the paper and online every day and always gets this sour look on his face when there's nothing suitable.

He doesn't let it bother him though. We've been having so much fun in our new home. Shea even got us convinced to help her build a snowman in our yard one evening. Finn said he's the supervisor but we made him move the biggest snowballs and concentrated on decorating instead.

Our house is quite small but it's just right for us at the moment. We've bought furniture that will hopefully last a long time and that we can take with us if and when we move to a bigger place at some point. I love mornings on the weekends when we can just sit in the kitchen and have breakfast together without having to hurry to school and work.

Shea has been begging us to get her a pet for a long time and we finally gave in. In the end she decided she wanted a cat so we adopted Mango. Shea loves her and would probably take the cat to school with her if we let her.


  • Title reference: I'm with you by Avril Lavigne.
  • Holy moly, an update! I've had the pictures for this for months but I haven't gotten around to  writing it. Yesterday I just decided that I have to get this done so here it is!
  • I feel like Finn probably is the kind of guy who doesn't want his dad to get him a job. On the other hand he's the kind of guy that's waiting to dig into his trust fund so he's not too bothered about working some random jobs just to make ends meet.
  • Yesterday I actually loaded my game for the first in months. I hadn't written down the cat's name and I had totally forgotten what its name was. Anyway, the Fieldings (Max and Regan) are next up in my schedule so once I figure out what to do with them, I'll probably play and crank out a small update. 


  1. I can see Finn not wanting his dad's help. Hopefully, he'll get a promotion soon and won't have to wear that clown suit any more!

    Very cool that Dawn is running the restaurant now! Definitely a big deal for someone so young but Shea meant she had to grow up pretty fast I think she can probably handle it!

    1. I hope for a promotion soon too or for Finn to move to another career. I haven't really decided what I want him to do for the rest of his life.

      I was a bit hesitant about letting Dawn take over the restaurant at such a young age. But Jackie's not getting any younger and I think in reality the stress and work load would be too much for her. It's a real test for Dawn but so far she's been doing really great.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Poor Finn, I can understand why he doesn't want help, though. I hope something comes up for him soon. They are a cute family, and good on Dawn for taking over the restaurant.

    1. That's what I like about Finn. He just grits his teeth and continues on that job even though his parents would probably shower them with money if he just asked. Hopefully something with a less silly work outfit comes along soon.

      Thanks for reading. :)