Sunday, 30 December 2007

Alexandra Hayes

Alexandra Rae Hayes

age: 53
birthday: December 24, 1974

parents: Vicki Marlowe, Patrick Marlowe (stepfather)
siblings: Thomas Marlowe, Stephen Marlowe (both half-brothers)
children: Aaron Hayes, Ethan Hayes, Jeremy Hayes

personality: 3-5-3-8-6
aspiration: pleasure/family
lifetime want: become game guru (reach top of gamer career)
hobby: film & literature

sexuality: straight
IFS: 4
romance: Quinn Hayes - together 1994-1996, 2010, married Summer 2011
romantic history: Nico Morris - boyfriend, age 16-18 // Carlo Moreno - boyfriend/fiancé, age 22-34

education: Brixton University, class of 1995, Mathematics
career: Game Development: level 10, software CEO
career history: Gamer: game consultant

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