Friday, 28 December 2007

Charlie Greene

Charlie Alexander Greene

Age: 33
Birthday: August 13, 1994

Personality: 1-8-8-2-6
Traits: Slob, Adventurous, Carefree, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic
Aspiration: Popularity/Family
Lifetime want: Become Geographic Explorer (reach top of adventurer career)
Hobby: Fitness

Parents: Bobbie and Alexander Greene
Siblings: Patsy GreeneDixie Patterson (triplet), Janie Greene (triplet)
Children: Ava Greene

Sexuality: straight
IFS: 4
Romance: Brooke Greene (together 2007-2015, 2017, engaged Autumn 2021, married June 2023)

Education: Wellington High School, Class of 2012 // Brixton University, Class of 2016, Psychology
Career: Safari Guide (Adventurer, level 6)
Career history: Team Mascot (Athletic), Mail Carrier (Post Office)

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