Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Emily Midlock

Emily Priscilla Midlock

Age: 19
Birthday: March 16, 2008

Parents: Rianna and Anthony Midlock
Siblings: Sara MidlockJesse MidlockEve Midlock (half-sister)
Children: --

Personality: 5-9-6-3-4
Traits: Over-emotional, Bold, Light Sleeper, Dramatic
Aspiration: Knowledge/Popularity
Lifetime want: Become City Planner
Hobby: Film & Literature

Sexuality: Straight
IFS: 4
Romance: Aaron Hayes (dating since september 2026)
Romantic history: Ethan Hayes, deceased boyfriend, 2011-2013

education: Wellington High School, Class of 2025 // Brixton University, sophomore, Psychology
Career history: Send Items Specialist (Librarian)

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