Saturday, 29 December 2007

Ben Cooper

Benjamin Cooper, "Ben"

Age: 49
Birthday: January 8, 1978

Personality: 4-7-3-3-8
Traits: Ambitious, Couch Potato, Friendly, Strict, Helpful
Aspiration: Knowledge/Family
Lifetime want: Become City Planner (reach top of architecture career)
Hobby: Music & Dance

Parents: Elissa and Cal Cooper
Siblings: Sam Cooper (twin), Danny CooperJosh Cooper
Children: Riley CooperLiam CooperBrady CooperTate Cooper

Sexuality: Straight
IFS: 4
Romance: Denise Cooper (together since 2001, engaged 2006, married Summer 2009)

Education: Brixton University, Class of 1999, Mathematics
Career: Master Architect (Architecture, level 9)

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