Thursday, 25 February 2010

Happy Birthday, Spring 2016

Alexa Harper is getting closer to giving birth to her first child with fiancé Will Monroe. She only has a couple of months to go and is already getting a little terrified. She wonders if it'll really hurt as much as she thinks it might.

Luckily Alexa has her mother to support her. She has even promised to come to the delivery room in case Will can't make it.

"It hurts but you forget the pain when you get that little sweetie in your arms for the first time" says Amabelle. She's very excited about becoming a grandmother for the second time.

Nyah Marlowe is used to giving birth as this is already her fourth child. She calls out to her husband Thomas and the whole thing is over pretty quickly.

They get a third girl, Lina Addison Marlowe!

  • Another girl for Nyah and Thomas. Now we need more boys!


  1. Aw, welcome Lina! Is she a redhead like Nyah?

  2. Yes, Lina's a redhead and she also has gray eyes like Nyah.