Saturday, 13 February 2010

Too lost in you

Round 11: Autumn 2015
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Brooke Harper is 23. 
(Will Monroe is 30 and Alexa Harper is 23.)

Narrated by Brooke Harper

I've been living in my own apartment for a few weeks now. Mom and dad thought I was crazy to move out of their house because I had to take a loan in order to pay the deposit and buy some furniture. I just can't see myself living with my parents for the rest of my life.

Alexa was very supportive though. She knows me well enough to know that I've been dreaming about living on my own for a long time. There was a time when my dreams included Charlie living with me but we all know how that went. I guess she's still a bit worried about how her little sister is doing - although I'm only 11 minutes younger! - because she calls me almost every day.

I still feel so awful about dumping him like that. I wanted to go to him when I heard he was sick but how could I? He probably hates me now. We talked briefly at Alexa and Will's engagement party but that wasn't really a place for a proper conversation.

I can't really afford to go out so I usually just stay home and watch tv in the evenings. My apartment looks pretty bare since I spent most of my money on the sofa and the tv. Hopefully I can afford to buy some paintings soon.

Bubble bath is the only luxury item in my life right now. In my dreams of becoming a world-known journalist I always imagined I would get paid more. Not that I'm world-known, far from it! But still, a bigger salary would be nice.

I went to the park one day because I just had to get out of my apartment. It was actually quite fun to just sit there and watch the kids play and listen to all the noises. It started raining so I headed under a huge tree hoping that it would give some cover.

It stopped raining pretty soon and that's when I saw it. Charlie chatting up to some other girl. I think she's a student at Brixton University as well. It didn't seem like they were on a date or anything but I got so jealous anyway!

Not the best moment to realize that you still love the guy you so brutally dumped.

I snuck out of the park right away. I didn't want to get caught staring at him and that girl.

I invited Alexa and Will over for dinner because I miss my sister. I'm so happy for Alexa. Will seems like a really nice guy and they obviously love each other very much.

Alexa told me the most exciting news. She's pregnant! She said it's still very early but they wanted to tell me anyway. The baby is due next summer. I don't know how this affects their wedding plans but I'm sure they'll figure it out. I'm gonna be an auntie! I'm so excited!

My fabulous single life might not seem so fabulous but all in all I'm happy. If only there was a way to patch things up with Charlie.

  • Title from "Too lost in you" by Sugababes
  • Yup, Alexa is pregnant! She got pregnant right before I left their household but I didn't want to announce it yet since I knew that I would be playing Brooke next. As said, the baby is due in Summer 2016.


  1. Are they going to push the wedding up now? Getting married in the summer heat, and very much pregnant is never good.

  2. Whoa, pregnant. Wow, did she tell her parents the news yet? I love Will. I haven't seen much of him, but I love him to itty bitty pieces. I also love his outfit, do you mind me asking WCIF? Also, WCIF Will's outfit in real life, I'd love to get that for my hubby ;p I too wonder how she'll hold up to a summer wedding while pregnant.

    Brooke's apartment is so cute, I can't wait until you start giving tours of the apartments. They always seem so playable and well maintained. The park scene was cute, I saw Erin there and totally freaked out saying "I know her!" LOL.

  3. Congratulations Will & Alexa! Brooke better get on the ball and get her man back. She waits too long and it'll be too late.

  4. Riverdale, I think they might actually postpone the wedding. Alexa doesn't want to get married pregnant because she doesn't want anyone to think they have to get married.

    Apple Valley, they told Brooke first but they probably would've told her parents next. I love Will too, he's such a cutie! His outfit is a top by Amaryll, although I think the recolors is by Java found here:
    His jeans are probably Maxis.

    Brooke's apartment building is a download, probably from MTS2. I'll start giving tours soon but now I'm concentrating on the Olympics :)

    LaToya, I'm sure seeing Charlie with another woman was the wakeup call that Brooke needs. And you're right, she'd better start acting soon!

  5. Aw, congrats to Will and Alexa. Alexa's philosophy on their wedding is actually exactly how I'd planned to write it for Finn and Victoria. I considered getting them married while they were still in college.

    Brooke better hurry up if she wants Charlie back. It looks like he's at least attempting to move on and if she's not fast, he might already have a new girl by the time she makes up her mind! Those two need to have a good long talk!

    Seeing we're doing WCIFs (thanks for that link to Will's outfit because I was going to ask), where can I find Brooke's hair? It's so awesome!

  6. Carla, now you got me all excited waiting for Victoria and Finn's wedding! Even if it's not going to happen while they're in college LOL

    I think Brooke was pretty shocked to see that Charlie isn't crying after her and is possibly moving on.

    Brooke's hair is one of Rose's free hairs:

    I love that mesh! Everytime I start to change Brooke's hairstyle I just can't because she looks so awesome with that hair.

  7. Eh, it still might! It depends on what Victoria and Finn tell me when I next play them!

    Thanks for the link for Brooke's hair!