Sunday, 14 February 2010

Winter 2016 birthdays

Alexa Harper and Will Monroe's first child is due in the summer. They've put their wedding plans on hold since Will wants to make sure Alexa doesn't stress too much.

Nyah and Thomas Marlowe are experts when it comes to having babies. Their fourth one will be born in a few months and everything seems to be going fine.

Grace Cooper's wait is over. She and her husband Sam welcome their third child, James Dean Cooper.

5-year-old Madelyn and Ross are thrilled to meet their baby brother.

Liam Cooper turns 4 this winter and will start school next year.

Todd Robinson, son of Paige and Jack, is also celebrating his 4th birthday.

Skye Marlowe will join Liam and Todd in school next year.

Skye's cousin Iona Fielding celebrates her 4th birthday at Brixton University where her mom Erin studies.

Dawn Whitfield turns 12 and will attend Wellington High this year. Dawn wants to become a city planner which means she'll have to study hard to get into college.

Dawn's twin brother Zach is much more laid-back. He wants to become a professional party guest some day but his main goal right now is to get his first kiss!

Brixton University gets one new student this year as Liv Harris turns 18. She follows on her mother's footsteps by becoming a Drama major.

Kurt Robinson celebrates his 60th birthday...

...and so does Max Fielding.

  • Dawn is a Fortune sim, Zach is Romance.
  • I figured Liv would choose Drama as her major even though she doesn't want to become an actress like her mother.


  1. Aw, welcome James! Looks like he'll take after Grace, at least with his hair colour.

    You've got some very cute 4 year-olds this year too. Seeing Iona is still living at Brixton, will you just send her to Allerdale Elementary with the regular hood kids?

    Dawn looks awesome. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask WCIF her hair! LOL.

    Kurt is a very dashing looking elder! I think I actually like him better as an elder than an adult!

  2. Carla, you're right, James has Grace's hair color. And grandma Olivia's brown eyes.

    My 4-year-olds are very cute! I've always thought that Liam looks exactly like his big brother Riley but now I don't know. Maybe it's because they have different hair and Riley has glasses but they look different to me.

    I haven't decided what I'll do with Iona. I have a few options and I'll make a decision before she starts school. Wellington kids don't start school until they turn 5 so Iona wouldn't go to school anyway this year.

    Dawn's hair is my Mikexx2 from his blog:

    You might wanna check out Wella!, they post links to many blogs with great items.

    I agree, Kurt looks better as an elder!

  3. I was thinking the same as Carla, I really like Kurt as an elder. Max's eyes really seem to pop with his new shade of hair.

    Dawn and Zach are quite darling, especially Zach's bright eyes.

    All those preschoolers, cute, cute, cute! I love Iona's hair, she looks like a preschooler!

  4. Maisie, I think Zach is so cute. All his sisters look like their father, Zach is the only one who looks like their mother.

    Max's gray hair really brings out his green eyes. I changed my defaults a bit, they're still from the Eye Love set by Yumedust but these are Pooklet's edits which have more contrast so they look brighter.

  5. Thanks for the links! I've been to Wella before but forgot to bookmark. :D