Monday, 3 May 2010

The Harper-Monroe wedding

Round 12: Summer 2017

Will Monroe is 32 and Alexa Harper is 25.

Alexa spends a quiet moment with her sons before the wedding begins. Connor and Dane just had their 1st birthday so they're a bit too young to attend the ceremony. The nanny will look after them while mommy and daddy get hitched.

The guests arrive and settle down on their chairs before the ceremony. Alexa's parents Amabelle and Chase make sure they won't miss one moment of their daughter's big day so they snatch the front seat.

Alexa's twin sister Brooke, who is also one of Alexa's bridesmaids, is still busy flirting with her boyfriend Charlie in the front yard. They'd better hurry up and find their seats before they miss the whole thing!

Finally the ceremony begins!

Alexa and Will exchange their vows and the rings. Everything is perfect: her dress, the weather, the birds singing, the flowers smelling wonderful.

Here they are: Mr and Mrs Harper!

Will decided to take Alexa's last name since their boys also use Harper as their last name.

Amabelle and Chase are the first to congratulate the happy couple.

Erin Fielding is one of Alexa's closest friends and also her bridesmaid.

Will and Alexa cut the beautiful cake. Chase doesn't seem to approve the way Will is feeding the cake to Alexa. Other guests are too busy to mingle so they barely even notice before the whole thing is over.

Will wants to propose a toast to his beautiful bride.

Some guests join the newlyweds for the cake while others go inside to cool off. It's not really hot outside but the sun is shining quite warmly anyway.

Alexa and Will won't leave for a honeymoon just yet so they steal a few kisses in the study before going back to the party. Everyone has a great time and the party is a huge success.

The happy couple.

Alexa and Will with her parents. Will is a former townie so he doesn't have any parents.

Alexa and Will with bridesmaids Erin and Brooke and groomsmen Sam and Ben Cooper.

The bride and the bridesmaids.

The groom and the groomsmen.

  • I think this is my best wedding so far. I paid more attention to details and I think overall it turned out quite good.
  • I forgot to take pictures of Alexa and her sisters but I can always take those later. All in all this was the easiest photo session ever, everyone was very co-operative.


  1. It was a lovely wedding.

    I'm swooning over the uniforms, how I love military men ^_^ it takes me back...

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I love Alexa's veil - is the tiara separate from the veil or is it all one piece? I always forget to do veils!

    Everything was so gorgeous and just perfect for a summer wedding. Congratulations to Alexa and Will!

  3. The wedding was really nice.

    I really like Alexa's dress. It is so different, with the gold belt and all. It looks great on her. Like a Greek goddess.

    I love Sam and Will in their uniform. In fact I just love a man in uniform

  4. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting :)

    Apple Valley, I love men in uniform too. I think it's fun to use the uniform as formal wear for military sims.

    Carla, the tiara and veil are separate. They're both from Pronupsims.

    I've been waiting to throw a proper wedding party, the last one was for Patsy and Camryn in 2013 and their wedding was very low-key. I'm glad you liked it, coming from you it's a huge compliment :)

    oasisvalley, I thought Alexa wouldn't want a traditional wedding dress. Her dress is by Xandher and it really is awesome.

  5. Beautiful wedding! The dress and veil are lovely and everything looks perfect. And I have to agree about the comments on the men in their uniforms! ;)

  6. Thanks :)

    Judging by all the comments I'd say that ladies love men in uniform LOL!

  7. Add me to the club... men in uniforms definitely cause heart farting over here. I love that he got married in his uniform, very cool.

    The wedding was quite lovely, Alexa looks VERY classy.

  8. Maisie, thanks. I love using the uniform as formal wear for military sims.