Monday, 24 May 2010


Round 12: Autumn 2017

Principal Nyah Marlowe is 31.
Students: Stephen Marlowe is 16, Zach and Dawn Whitfield are 13, Finn Harris, Josh Cooper and Lilly Fielding are 12.

Nyah has fewer students and more money this year so she's finally been able to complete the music room. She suggests that maybe they could start a school band and practice some songs. She's never seen the kids move so fast to follow her orders!

Zach chooses the guitar because he's sure it's the best way to get girls. Unfortunately the only two girls in school this year are his sister Dawn and his cousin Lilly so he has to find some other way to impress girls in his freetime.

Finn on the other hand is thrilled to be able to play rock tunes on the piano. His parents insist that he should only play classical music with the piano at home so he takes full advantage of this opportunity.

Finn refuses to follow the hierarchy of the school. The older kids usually reserve one table where the younger kids aren't welcomed but Finn sits where he wants.

Stephen, Dawn and Zach pretty much ignore him during lunch but at least they let him sit there.

Dawn and Lilly are both happy that the only other girl in the school is such a close friend. It would be horrific to be the only sane girl at school.

Everyone else sits down during recess and chats but Finn and Josh prefer a little play. Lilly would much rather spend all her time with Josh but she's pretty sure her parents have told Nyah to keep an eye on her. She's still grounded and has to come home straight from school.

Nyah isn't very happy with the school's sports equipment. The girls choose to do yoga for the PE class but it's not much fun on the concrete.

The boys play football...

... and basketball. The backyard of the school is tiny but at least there's room to play something.

Nobody really knows if Stephen and Dawn are dating. They were seen making out at Generation X during summer but they don't act very lovey dovey at school.

He gives her some adoring looks during computer class so maybe there is something going on between them.

  • Title reference: Optimistic by Radiohead
  • I decided to kick the townie kids out of the school. There will be more and more playable students attending high school over the next few years so there's no need for "filler" sims.
  • I've decided to do the school updates once per round from now on, instead of doing them annually as I've done before.
  • If you're wondering why my sims look a bit different it's because I've changed my default skins and eyes. The new ones are by jessi and I adore them!


  1. I was wondering why there were so few students. Smart move taking out the townies as your population grows.

    LOL! With only a year bewteen Finn and the "older" students. What's the point of seperate tables :P

  2. , teenagers can be quite weird sometimes. I remember in my high school (about a 100 years ago LOL) there were some older kids who refused to sit in the same table with younger students. I don't really know why but that's how I remember it.

  3. Aw, Stephen looks quite smitten in that last picture! Stephen will be off to university (or at least, he'll be finished with high school) soon enough. I wonder what will happen with him and Dawn in the future.

    Were you using any in-between skin tones on top of your original defaults when you switched? That's the thing that's stopping me from switching. I like my defaults but I've grown to hate the nipples! It's such a little thing but it really annoys me!

  4. Carla, Stephen will start uni in 2019 and that's probably the end of their budding romance, at least for now.

    I was using in-between skin tones although I'm not sure if any of my sims had those. Everyone seems to be fine though, no missing faces or anything :)