Monday, 10 May 2010

Sky blue and black

Round 12: Summer 2017
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Max Fielding is 61, Regan is 53 and Lilly is 12.
(Josh is 12.)

Narrated by Lilly Fielding

I'm not allowed to have a real job yet but dad lets me help at the shop every now and then. I don't get to do anything cool though. I mostly tidy the place up after we've closed and take out the trash.

Dad has let me do some restocking but he always makes sure I haven't done anything wrong. I'm not a total doofus!

Dad is in charge of the sales department. He's really good at schmoozing people into buying stuff they don't really need. His employee - whose name I always forget - gets to handle the cash register. I wanted to try it too but dad said I'm too young. I hate it when my parents treat me like I'm still a little kid.

I felt really awful one day when we were at the shop and when we got back I started coughing. I guess I managed to catch the flu.

Soon after dad started coughing too and he sounds even worse than me.

Mom told us that we should get in the hot tub or take hot baths because the steam will help us breathe better. So we soaked in the hot tub for hours. I don't know if I feel any better but at least I don't feel worse.

Maybe mom should've taken a hot bath too because the next day she was sick as well.

She even had to skip work for one day which made her very irritated. She says she gets bored just staying home and laying on the sofa. She couldn't even clean the house because we have a butler who does all the household chores now.

Luckily she got better really quickly and got back to work the next day. Watching her sulky face made me feel worse!

Dad on the other hand seems to enjoy this. I had enough of the hot tub in one day but dad lies there for hours and hours every day.

I've been staying in my room and reading. I'm really bored! It's so warm outside and everyone else is having fun but I'm stuck at home.

Dad and I finally got better after a few days. Maybe I can finally get out of the house again.

I met Dawn at Generation X for lunch. She's only a year older but she's already gotten her first kiss. From Stephen Marlowe. He's 16! I'm pretty sure aunt Jackie and uncle Ryland wouldn't approve.
I soon realized that I was just a cover-up so that she could see Stephen. Aunt Jackie and uncle Ryland really wouldn't approve if they knew.

I asked Dawn if she's dating Stephen but she says she doesn't know. How can she not know? They were kissing each other like it was the end of the world! I ended up going upstairs to play some pool with Josh Cooper.

Josh and I rode the same bus to Exmoor and I asked if he wanted to come over to our house and have some pizza. Unfortunately dad seemed to think that we needed someone to supervise us the whole time.

He did let us dance. Josh is a really good dancer and he's really cute too!

We tried to kiss but I accidentally hit his nose with my forehead. I was so embarrassed at first!

But then he just started laughing and I giggled. It was quite funny when you think about it.

Our second attempt was better, much better.

Dad had to go to work and we decided to sneak out to the hot tub.

Then suddenly I noticed our butler standing behind us looking very disapproving. He practically kicked Josh out of the house and then gave me a lecture. Apparently dad has asked him to keep an eye on us to make sure we didn't do anything wild.

I tried to beg him not to tell my parents but he stood firm.

He told mom who wasn't at all impressed. I don't see what the fuss is about. It's not like we were naked in there. We just kissed!

I was sent to my room and now I'm grounded, probably for eternity!

  • Title reference: Sky blue and black by Jackson Browne.
  • Lilly is the 6th victim of the flu epidemic. Max and Regan caught the bug from her and they're not included in the ROS.
  • I don't blame Regan and Max for setting strict rules for Lilly. Erin getting pregnant at 17 would've most definitely made them more careful.
  • According to ACR Lilly has the hots for Josh but Josh has the hots for Dawn! I'm expecting the high school update to be full of drama this round LOL. About the hot tub episode: I think Lilly and Josh were heading there to woohoo because I had forgotten to turn it off for them. I'm just imagining that 12-year-olds are quite innocent but at the same time quite curious about sex. My sims aren't allowed to woohoo until they're 15 so they'll just have to be patient.


  1. Wow! How did you get the butler to scowl like that, or was that on his own?

    Lilly sure does sound hypocritical. She thinks Dawn is sneaking around with an older boy is scandalous, but she's necking with a boy in the hot tub? She better be lucky being grounded was all she got!

  2. When I opened this update, I was all ready to say that Lilly is such a cute little Sim and that Max is really going to have to watch out for her in years to come. It looks like he's going to need to watch out for her right now though, lol! Max should probably count himself very lucky that Butler interrupted Josh and Lilly when he did!

    I love it when Sims create their own drama. It's always fun to the play high school when there's love triangles around!

  3. "...and now I'm grounded, probably for eternity!" Lol, poor Lilly. I'm sure she was just thinking with her hormonal, teenage, mind :P Can't wait for your high school drama!

  4. Ahhh, blogger ate my comment!

    Lilly and Regan have incredible styles-but then again, they have you shopping for them. Can you shop for my simmies too :P

  5. LaurelCrossing, the whole butler looking after them and scowling them is a staged photo.

    From my experience teenagers often have double standards (or at least I did when I was a teenager LOL). It's ok if they do something wild but if someone else does the same thing it's like totally scandalous you know ;)

    Carla, poor Max, it was hard enough for him when Erin got pregnant and now Lilly is starting to act out as well.

    Tessa, poor Lilly indeed. She's probably not grounded "for eternity" but it feels like that for her.

    Apple Valley, shopping for sims is so much fun, it's free and the clothes always fit them perfectly! I wish it was like that IRL :P