Monday, 24 March 2014

Addicted to you

Round 16: March 2025

Dawn Whitfield is 21, Finn Harris is 20 and Shea is 5.

Narrated by Dawn.

Shea's been begging us to get a pet. She'd love a dog or a cat but I think at this point she'd settle for any kind of pet. The other day she managed to catch some butterflies into a jar and said they're her pets. She put the jar on the kitchen counter and just stared at it for minutes.

She protested at first when I told her that she would have to release them. She understood though when I explained that the butterflies couldn't live in that little jar because they wanted to fly.

Finn's schedule is much better this year. He works 5 hours early in the morning and then has a few hours free before his classes in the afternoon. He loves spending the evening with Shea and she loves it too. She's not as much into sports as she was last year but she never says no to playing catch with her dad.

It's my senior year and I have less lectures and more practical training. I was able to snatch a training position at one of Wellington's most amazing restaurants, La Joie Délicieuse. The chef is a bit temperamental but he obviously enjoys showing off his skills so I've learned a lot just by watching.

I'm also allowed to cook for customers! I mainly do appetizers and desserts and I love it. I've only been here for two months but it has just made my desire to run my own restaurant even stronger. I have so many ideas for Café Carousel when I take over but obviously I'm going to talk to mom about them because I don't want to turn the restaurant into something that she wouldn't like.

Professor Lew visits every student during training just to see how were doing. Obviously he gets reports from the staff and the owner but he wants to see how we do in the real world. He was pretty impressed by my Chocolate & Vanilla cheesecake.

Shea doesn't have much homework yet but if she does then Finn's the one helping her since I'm at the restaurant until 5 pm and then barely make it in time back to Brixton for my classes. I know Finn doesn't mind but I feel bad because I don't get to spend as much time with them as I'd want.

Some nights Shea is already sleeping when I drag my tired ass home but sometimes I'm able to sneak out of class a little early so I catch them on their nightly routines such as Shea dancing on Finn's toes and giggling like crazy.

The mornings are for us girls though. We have breakfast together and then I wait for the bus with Shea. She's lately taken an interest in cooking so we got her a little toy oven. She loves making huge muffins and forcing us to eat them. She always leaves them in the oven for too long and they get a little burned.

Finn always eats the muffin she left for him when he comes home from work. I tried to tell him once that he could just throw it in the trash bin and she would never know but he just smiled and kept eating it. I could tell it probably tasted pretty awful because he looked like he might choke on it but he finished it anyway.

We finally gave in and bought Shea a parrot and she named it Polly. We don't know yet where we'll live in the future so we figured that a bird cage is something we can fit in just about any apartment or house. Shea's really happy about the bird and is convinced that she can teach it how to talk.

It feels strange to think that I only have one semester left of college. This time next year we'll most likely be living somewhere else. I'm going to miss this little house.

Grades, spring semester 2025
- Dawn: culinary arts (art), A+, GPA 3.9
- Finn: entrepreneurial studies (economics), A+, GPA 3.7


  • Title reference: Addicted to you by Avicii.
  • I haven't decided yet whether Dawn and Finn will move to Wellington or Exmoor and if they'll move once Dawn graduates or wait until Finn graduates too. I love this house and it's so perfect for them at the moment so I might just build them a similar one in which ever hood they choose to live in.
  • Dawn will start working at Café Carousel after graduation but I figured that the university would want her to do her training period in some other restaurant so I chose La Joie Délicieuse mostly because it's the only other restaurant owned by a sim. The poor guy's my placeholder sim so this is one of his rare appearances in any updates though.
  • I try to build one faculty per semester and I'm planning on doing the Faculty of Consumer Sciences before Dawn's last uni update. My building project lists are never carved on stone though so I might change my mind if I need some other building instead.
  • I realized I had forgotten to report the grades for Zach, Josh and Lilly so I've added them into their update.


  1. That's a good method for updating your university one building at a time, I need to do that. I'm curious to see where they will live as well, will they rent or buy?

    1. It would be too overwhelming to start working on many buildings at the same time. This way I can gather up some ideas before I have to start building the next one.

      I'm thinking that Dawn and Finn might rent at first and then buy a house when Finn turns 25 and gets his trust fund. But I haven't made up any decisions yet.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. Aw, I'm really glad this family is doing so well!

    Consumer Sciences! Sounds interesting! My uni is so empty, so I'm definitely watching you to see what ideas I can steal, lol!

    Did you change Shea's hobby? I just wondered, because of how Dawn said she wasn't as into sports any more and had taken an interest in cooking. Shea might be a candidate to take over Cafe Carousel one day, once Dawn is done with it herself. Assuming cuisine continues to hold her interest, anyway.

    1. They're doing really well. Dawn and Finn are always touching (and woohooing, omg the woohooing) and rolling wants for each other.

      Yup, I've changed Shea's hobby. In fact I've changed hobbies for almost all of my sims. I really liked the way threadandsandpaper chose hobbies for her sims so I'm using the same rules now. Finn, Dawn and Shea are all cuisine now. I've been too lazy to change the profiles yet so they still have the old hobbies.

      I really hope Shea will take over Cafe Carousel some day, it would be wonderful if the restaurant stayed in the family. But that's in the very distant future.

      Thanks for your comment. :)