Sunday, 18 January 2009

Strawberry fields forever

Round 3: 1986-1990
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Olivia and Kurt Robinson are working hard to find a way out of their poor financial situation. Luckily the farm has finally started to produce good quality vegetables.

Olivia spends most of her time in the greenhouse. It seems like an endless job of planting and watering but it's all worth it when she finally gets to harvest the first crops.

Kurt spends time with the twins while Olivia keeps herself busy with the garden. Jack has just started to learn walking. Grace is completely obsessed with science and spends hours playing with her logic toy.

Kurt works as a fast food shift manager. One of his co-workers is Trisha Gordon, the mail carrier lady. Kurt brings her home from work every day. Kurt's career is taking a ride on the rollercoaster. He gets a promotion to Host but is quickly demoted back to Fast food shift manager due to a poor work performance. He learns his lesson fast though as he's promoted back to Host the next day.

Olivia and Kurt know how important the toddler stage is. They want their kids to get the best possible start for life and teach them all the necessary skills.

Jack and Grace both have their mother's nose and their eyes are dark blue, just like Kurt's.

The kids start working on the farm as soon as they're old enough to help. Jack tends the orchard trees while Grace helps mommy in the greenhouse. Unfortunately neither of the kids has Nature as their hobby, Grace is a Science enthusiast and Jack has inherited his father's interest in Games.

Olivia is finally able to buy the Farmer's market. She is completely hopeless on the cash register but luckily her customers love the fresh vegetables and wait patiently in line.

The Robinson family enjoys a dinner together. Olivia makes sure that there's fresh products in the fridge for their own use so that they can eat healthy and nutritious meals.

Jack and Grace get their own rooms now that they're starting school. So far they only have beds but hopefully soon Olivia and Kurt are able to pay back some of their loans and buy some stuff for the kids' rooms.

Random funny:
Ever since the catastrophic date with Alexandra Hayes, Benjamin Barnes has walked like this on every lot. The idea of dating a teenager must have really freaked him out!

  • Title from "Strawberry fields forever" by The Beatles
  • It's been a while since my last update. I got back to work last Monday and I haven't had the time to play. I'll have another 2 weeks off work soon and then I'll try to play as much as possible.
  • I've never had a sim bringing NPC's from work but Kurt really brings the mail carrier home from work every day. I'm getting a bit annoyed to see her. Hopefully nothing bad will happen to her... ;)
  • I just had to take a picture of Benjamin sneaking around. He's been a regular visitor on my other sims' homes after the Lexie incident. At first I thought he was stealing the newspaper or something when I saw him sneaking around LOL


  1. The twins are so cute! I can't wait to see them as teens. Glad the farm is starting to work out, that's always a plus.

    LOL poor Benjamin. Maybe he thinks it better to act this way than making parents think he's after their daughters ROFL

  2. That does look the the newspaper stealing walk.

    The twins are really cute.

  3. LOL! Benjamin sneaking around is hilarious. He's probably afraid the authorities are going to get him.

    I love the idea of a farm! I'm glad they've started to make some cash, too. The twins are adorable, hehe.

  4. Hmm, I thought I already commented on this.

    Jack and Grace are too adorable for words! I'm glad their parents are starting to get back on their feet - farms are tough, financially.

  5. Olivia and Kurt still have huge loans but at least they'll be able to start paying them back. I was so worried that I would have to move them out of the farm but now I think I won't.

    I can't stop laughing everytime I see Benjamin do the walk. Poor guy! LOL

    Now if only I had the time and energy to play Regan and Stella in uni and finish round 3. Work gets in the way of playing!

  6. I think those are the cutest little toddlers I've ever seen! And I don't think I've ever seen so much garbage on one sim lot before, much less all in the same room! Great update!