Saturday, 31 January 2009

Under the northern sky

Round 4: 1991-1995
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Patrick tries to keep up with the demands of his career by studying. Mechanical skills are very important although Vicki tells Patrick that books might hold outdated information.

Meanwhile Thomas keeps himself busy upstairs with his toy guitar.

Alexandra has lately discovered the delights of dancing. Unfortunately she's still grounded due to the stupid thing with Benjamin Barnes so she can't go showing off her moves at Twilight Zone. She's invited her friend Denise Whitfield over so they can practice their dance routines together.

There's a new addition in the Marlowe family, an airedale terrier called Donna. Donna is a very friendly dog and even submits to little Tommy's rather rough tokens of affection.

The next day Alexandra's boyfriend Nico comes over after school. Lexie and Nico dance for some time but then she tells him they should go upstairs to her room.

Poor Nico. He probably thought they were gonna make out but instead Lexie dumps him. She feels that their relationship can't go any further as she's going to university the next day. Nico takes it pretty hard.

They end up saying their goodbyes in good terms though. Alexandra tells Nico that he's a really nice guy and he'll find some nice girl to go out with.

Lexie leaves for college on Friday night. She gives her beloved pocket game to Thomas who makes her promise she'll call him often.

Vicki can't believe her daughter is all grown-up. It feels like it was only yesterday when she held the newborn baby in her arms. She's devastated and extremely proud and happy and the same time.

Vicki tries to concentrate on positive things and so she helps Tommy with his homework.

Life has been so hectic lately that it feels like ages since the last time Vicki and Patrick spent some quality time together. Patrick puts on their favorite cd and asks Vicki to dance with him. Vicki feels like she falls in love with her handsome husband all over again.

Vicki has the saturday off work and she cleans the house from top to bottom. Donna has taken on a nasty habit of rolling in puddles and she's in desperate need of a bath.

Vicki, Patrick and Thomas enjoy a rare meal together before Patrick heads off to work for the evening. They make a promise that they'll try to eat at least one meal together everyday.

  • Title inspired by "Pohjoisen taivaan alla" by Leevi and the Leavings
  • Vicki has wanted another child ever since Tommy was born - on the other hand she also has the fear of having a child. She and Patrick haven't been very lovey dovey lately but they did try for a baby autonomously after I had made them kiss each other a few times. No luck so far though. Vicki is already over 40 (about 44 if I remember right) so she might get fertility treatment if they can't get pregnant on their own.


  1. Aw, poor Nico! I'm glad they left it on good terms in the end. I can't believe Lexie is going off to college already!

    Vicki's outfit is really cute. Mind if I ask where you got it?

  2. A late in life baby? Those tend to sneak up on me in Riverdale, lol. It's great to see them trying to make enough time for each other.

  3. It's natural for sims (and people) to want another baby once their kids start growing up and moving out. I do hope they get another baby! I bet Tommy will love having a little brother or sister.

  4. I've never played any of my previous hoods this fast and it feels that the kids grow up so fast! I feel so proud seeing "my" kids grow up LOL

    Most of the couples in Wellington are quite romantic on their own but it seems that Vicki and Patrick need a kick in the head every now and then.

    Vicki's outfit is actually a top and bottom. The top is from Maxis Dreams and the skirt is by Xandher(TSR).

  5. Poor Nico! Hopefully he and Lexie can still be friends. Donna is such a cute dog! This family is adorable, I hope they get to have another baby!